The comparison of Bohang security display and Invue

A brief introduction to Invue 

Founded in 1972, InVue has always been in a leading position in the retail security field. Invue has been committed to developing innovative products for video production business, retail music chain stores, home office departments, products that can ensure the security of high-pirates selling products and recently in retail Protected mobile electronic devices on the market to protect their security.

More popular products from INVUE and the comparison with Bohang security display
Series 855V Vertical display with ultra low profile sensor 
This product of INVUE is relatively common and popular with consumers.

Its main feature is:
1."Streamlined sensor design ensures device stability and enhances customer experience",that means the design is relatively simple and natural, saving space.

2."Reliable performance with consistent charging up to 2.1A, ensures displays are always powered",that means while preventing theft, it can also charge the cell phone.

3."Compatible with branded point of sale merchandising displays",that means it can provide security and anti-theft for mobile phones of various brands and models.

4."Part of the OneKEY ecosystem",which is INVUE's own unique security anti-theft system and it is not available from any other manufacturer.
The anti-theft device with the same function of Invue comes from Bohang

1.Regarding the first one, this is actually the most basic one of the characteristics of a mobile phone anti-theft device.What we have to do is to provide customers with safe and reliable solutions, so that customers can save as much cost and space as possible.

2.Our anti-theft device can also charge the mobile phone all the time to ensure the normal operation of the mobile phone. This is also the most basic feature of a mobile phone security anti-theft device.

3.This is also what Bohang’s mobile phone anti-theft device can provide. We can provide European standards, American standards, Australian standards and any other adapter types in different countries and regions according to your needs.

We can also provide corresponding charging cables for any  mobile phones, such as Iphone mobile phones, Huawei mobile phones and Samsung mobile phones, etc. We can provide micro, typec and lightning charging cables.

4.This is something we cannot provide, because it is INVUE's unique technology, but we also have our own unique anti-theft remote control system.We will equip you with remote control for free.

Let me introduce a few of Bohang’s vertical mobile phone security anti-theft devices.
BHA114 Bluetooth remote control vertical security mobile phone anti-theft device
Vertical security mobile phone anti-theft device without clip

This vertical bluetooth remote control mobile phone security anti-theft device can fully meet the basic needs of your mobile phone security and anti-theft.

 Vertical security mobile phone anti-theft device with clip

It can also choose another kind of charging cable, which is a cable with a clip, which can provide more protection.

BHV1070 IR remote control vertical security mobile phone anti-theft device
Gray infrared remote control vertical security mobile phone anti-theft device
Black infrared remote control vertical security cell phone anti-theft stand
The difference between infrared and bluetooth is that the remote control distance of bluetooth is farther than infrared, and it can be controlled within 2 meters. The infrared remote control distance can only be within a few centimeters. But the price of infrared remote control system is lower than that of Bluetooth remote control system.
But for the above-mentioned two vertical anti-theft devices, we will equip you with a free remote control for the Bluetooth style when you buy 10 alarm stand. As for the infrared type anti-theft device, we will equip you with a remote control when you buy 3 alarm stand.
Invue Series960 Specifications
According to INVUE’s description, the features of this product are:
Optimal combination of design, experience and security.
Minimal contemporary design.
High consumer experience.
Scalable security.
Allows for cross merchandising of accessories.
Compatible with InVue’s Retail Analytics suite.
In fact, the biggest advantage of this product is that the upper part of the alarm bracket can be picked up to a long distance.
BHW001 Retractable security anti-theft bracket with steel wire rope
This kind of mobile phone anti-theft device is currently the most popular. It contains a wire rope that can be extended and retracted thousands of times. And the part connected to the mobile phone can also be picked up.And the clip is optional, not necessary.Another function of this product is that you can connect a cable on the back to connect other accessories,such as headset or speakers to prevent theft.
BHA112 Retractable security anti-theft stand
This product has similar functions to INVUE, but one more function is that it can be connected to accessories,such as headset antitheft and speaker antitheft.
Introduced so many differences and similarities with INVUE, just to tell you that our products can achieve the same functions as INVUE, but at a lower price.
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