The application of EAS pedestal in clothing anti-theft

Anti-theft Characteristics of Clothing Stores

EAS pedestal in clothing stores has special requirements. Generally speaking, it requires higher aesthetics and wider detection distance. According to the size of stores and the layout of exits, it is generally recommended to install the rear side of the opposite door. If the budget permits, we recommend a more beautiful acrylic antenna bracket. It is suggested to use AM system, because AM system has wider detection distance and smaller label appearance compared with RF system, which is more conducive to concealment.If the shop has a high aesthetic requirement and a high level of customers, and pays more attention to the sense of respect of customers, it is recommended to use AM concealed anti-theft system.For relatively small clothing stores or clothing stores with lower unit prices, more affordable RF system can also be selected appropriately.The four schemes in the installation position chart below are all optional schemes. It is generally recommended to use the C scheme.

Design Principles of Anti-theft Systemin Clothing Stores

1.Fully Consider the Design Image of Shop

2.Guarantee the normal circulation of personnel and cargo yards

3.Facilitate the handling of police situation by security personnel

4.Ensuring effective protection of goods

Pay attention to

1It is generally recommended to install on the back of the door, which does not affect the customer's line of sight, nor does it affect the entry and exit of goods.

2Without special circumstances, it is generally not recommended to install the elevator within 3 meters, because it is not conducive to damage prevention personnel handling alarm incidents
Choice of Anti-theft System in Clothing Store

According to the anti-theft characteristics of clothing stores, it is suggested to choose AM system, such as BH9677BM/S, BH9686BM/S, BH9693BM/S and so on. Because it can set the back detection range, it can better reduce the impact of anti-theft equipment on clothing display.It can also choose RF anti-theft devices with separate transceiver and receiver, such as the RF Dual-support radio frequency systems of Bohang such as BH9386, BH9333 and BH9387.

Anti-theft Detection Device in Clothing Store

Install the equipment at the entrance and exit (beside the door) for detecting the anti-theft induction label of goods. Also known as EAS clothing store anti-theft system, EAS clothing store anti-theft door, EAS clothing store anti-theft magnetic door, EAS clothing store anti-theft door guard, EAS clothing store anti-theft door god.

(1)Main and auxiliary aircraft AM system, such as: BH9677BM/S, BH9686BM/S, BH9693BM/S

(2)RF Dual-support anti-theft system, such as: BH9386, BH9333, BH9387, etc.

3AM concealed anti-theft system, such as: BH9500, etc.

Anti-theft Sensing Tag in Clothing Store

Installed on commodities, it shows that the decoded induction tag can cause alarm when it passes through the detection device. It can be used to protect commodities from loss or theft. Hard tags are also called anti-theft buckles, magnetic buckles, anti-theft labels, soft labels are also called magnetic codes, anti-theft labels, anti-theft barcodes, etc.

1AM anti-theft soft label, RF anti-theft soft label, such as SD2548 AM soft label, SD2040 RF soft label.

2AM hard tags, RF hard tags, hard tags are composed of labels and label pins, such as SD1523 AM hard tags, SD1052 AM hard tags.

3Special tags, such as ink tags, glasses anti-theft tags, golf clubs anti-theft tags, etc.

Detachers and deactivators

DeactivatorsIt is used to remove the alarm performance of soft labels. There is no alarm when soft labels was decoded and checked. It is non-contact decoder, long decoding distance, easy to use, fast decoding speed and strong decoding reliability.

1.AM demagnetizer, it also called AM deactivators.
RF deactivators.


• The decoding height of RF non-contact decoder is 15-30cm (BH9902, BH9909 is 30-45cm).

• RF is suitable for all 8.2MHz soft labels

• The degaussing height of AM non-contact decoder is 5-15cm, and there is vibration sense when degaussing (BH9935, BH9932)

DetachersIt is used to recover anti-theft hard tags and special labels, so that the products lose (remove) the alarm function. It also release device, unlock device, puller and so on. Configurable models, SD608, SD602, BH615, BH618, etc.

1.The magnetic nail remover is made of customized super magnet.
Mechanical decoder, mechanical decoder with special structure.
Settlement Entrance, Customer Export EAS Anti-theft Device.

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