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Adding anti-theft devices in supermarkets is the first step in anti-theft work. How to use anti-theft devices is an important step in anti-theft work. 
The supermarket anti-theft device consists of a security door, a decoder and an anti-theft tag. Among them, the security door and decoder are two better solutions. The most important is the hard tag, which is closely connected to the cargo. It not only requires visual and aesthetics, but it also has anti-theft effects.

What is a hard tag

When used, the hard label is fastened to the product. Note that the hard label cannot be removed by hand. After the customer pays, the salesperson can remove it with an unlocker, otherwise the antenna will sound an alarm when the product with the hard tag passes the detection antenna.

The advantages of hard tags

First of all, valuable or high-value goods use hard anti-theft tags, which can be reused, long service life and many styles. Different styles can be used with different products, without affecting the appearance, good quality, low false alarm rate and high safety.
Secondly, you can't use anti-theft hard tags to use anti-theft soft tags, especially small items, which are easier to hide and hard to find. For example, anti-theft soft tags can be added to everyday chemical areas and food areas.

Here are 5 advantages of hard tags

1, clothing, shoes, hats, leather goods and other products with hard tag anti-theft, it is difficult to damage, can be reused, long life, relying on professional decoders to unlock.
2, for the maintenance of high-grade wine, beverages, and bottles of valuable products, the use of wine bottle anti-theft, that is, eas bottle label, similar to the rope loop, with flexibility, untied at the checkout counter with special equipment, can be reused.
3, milk powder, coffee and other canned valuable products anti-theft, that is, the tank standard, in the middle of the milk powder tank body and the bottom of the tank two kinds of points, in the cashier with special equipment to unlock, can be reused.
4, the use of labels in shopping malls must not affect the quality of packaging and damage packaging; cashiers easy to find, easy to remove the label; do not damage the goods, does not affect the aesthetics.
5, anti-theft tags always give people the effect of warning and anti-theft: the general thief in the supermarket to see the anti-theft tag on the goods, will not start immediately, will definitely think twice, this will give people an invisible warning effect . When the thief walks out of the supermarket with a security label, a security door alarm is triggered at the door of the supermarket to play a security role.

How to choose a hard tag

Then the choice of hard tags can be roughly considered from the following aspects:
1. Appearance material: The standard hard label material should be the new ABS engineering plastic. Because of its stable performance, strong plasticity, good toughness and strength, and good resistance to damage, it is suitable for hard label housing materials.
Generally speaking, it is better to use white or gray, because it will use new ABS material, and the black hard label may be doped with some recycled materials. Such label is brittle and has poor resistance to damage. Generally, the hard label can be bent back and forth to see its flexibility.
2, Electrical performance: refers to the internal coil circuit, a good coil will be made of pure copper enameled wire, but because the price of copper is rising too fast, some manufacturers may use copper clad steel wire and aluminum wire material, which will lead to coil The Q value is difficult to stabilize, which directly affects the oscillation frequency of the tag, which may lead to a decrease in sensitivity. There may be a risk of underreporting in practical applications.
3. Lock core structure: The standard lock core structure should be three-bead positioning. The lock core structure consists of tile sleeve, three-hole top column and steel ball. The three beads have good stability, but the use of three beads is more complicated in the process. The process will be more. Therefore, some manufacturers use four beads in order to increase production and save costs, and some even eliminate the three-hole top column, which causes the steel needle card to be unstable, and the steel is easy to fall off. If the lock cylinder is not handled well, it may cause the lock to be unsmooth or jammed; in addition, the lock pin tension cannot reach the standard. In addition to this, there is also a certain influence on the choice of the strength of the spring.
In summary, generally can judge whether a hard tag is qualified from the above three aspects.

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If you need an anti-theft system, please contact us immediately, our professional team will give you the best offer! I am very happy to work with you.
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