Summary of various EAS security hard tags

EAS security hard tag

EAS hard tag is an accessory of EAS system, it is used with EAS antenna.It can be divided into two frequencies, RF and AM, namely 8.2MHz and 58KHz,corresponding to RF system and AM system respectively.EAS hard tags can also be classified into the following categories according to their different functions and shapes.

1.EAS hard tag classification according to shape

EAS security hard tags are classified according to their shapes and can have many forms. Of course, some of these classifications are due to the different frequencies, because the RF coils and AM magnetic rods have different shapes, and some are because of special product requirements, such as towels and clothes, which may require hard tags of different shapes.

Pencil security tag
Pencil tag is a relatively common type of hard tags, which are widely used in retail anti-theft such as clothing anti-theft and shoes anti-theft etc.Pencil tags are generally acousto-magnetic tag, because their shape is a vertical bar shape, which is more suitable for placing AM magnetic bars.Pencil tags can be made into pencil tags with nails and lanyards pencil tags.
 Nailed pencil tags

Nails can be divided into 16mm and 19mm steel nails or plastic nails.

Lanyard pencil tag

The lanyard can be customized according to the needs of customers, it can be 10 cm or 5 cm, etc.

Square security tag
The square tag can only be made into RF, because its shape is flat,only suitable for flat coils.According to the side length of the square tag,square tags can be divided into mini square tags, normal square tags and large square tags.
Mini square tags

Mini security hard tag is a hard tag widely used in clothing security and textile anti-theft.

 Large square tags

The large square tag is a special RF hard tag, which can have a wider detection distance and detection effect.

Golf hard tag
The golf tag is also named because its shape is round, similar to golf.Golf tags can also be divided into different types according to their radius.It can also be classified into smooth and bumpy golf tags according to the characteristics of the surface.
Golf security hard tags with bumpy surface
Golf safety hard tag with smooth surface
2.EAS hard tag classification according to function

Hard tags can also be divided into different categories according to their functions, such as clothing anti-theft tags and cosmetics anti-theft tags. Let me introduce the anti-theft hard tags with various functions in turn.

Garment anti-theft hard tag
Apparel anti-theft tags are the most common type of EAS security hard tags.Because it is widely used and  any hard tag with nails can be used on the garment.The nails can be 16mm, 19mm steel nails or plastic nails.The clothing anti-theft tag can be a pencil security tag or AM super tag or a RF security square tag and so on.The difference between Super Tag and others is that it requires a special detacher.In addition, both EAS ink security hard tags and EAS golf hard tags can be used in clothing anti-theft.The ink tag can have an extra layer of function. If the tag is damaged, the ink will stain the clothes, so there is an extra layer of protection.
Clothing EAS security pencil hard tag 
   EAS security ink tag for garment
 EAS security golf hard tag for garment
Shoes anti-theft tag
The anti-theft tags for shoes are very similar to the anti-theft tags for clothing. Shoes with laces can use anti-theft hard tags, but shoes without laces can only use soft labels.Put the soft label on the hidden place of the shoe, where it is not easy to be found.
Shoes security hard tag
EAS shoes hard tags
Bag security anti-theft hard tag
Luggage security tags and clothing anti-theft tags are similar, and various suitable hard tags can also be used.
Luggage security hard tag/Lanyard security hard tag
Towel security hard tag
Towel is also one of the textiles, so it can also use the same tag as clothing.
Towel EAS security hard tag
Wine bottle security anti-theft hard tag
The bottle safetytag is also a kind of hard tag that is widely used. It can be a safety hard tag with a string or an ABS bottle cap.It can be a wine bottle hard tag and a liquor hard tag.
In short, EAS security hard tags are widely used in the field of retail security and anti-theft. It must be used in conjunction with the EAS system. Generally, a magnetic unlocker is required to open the hard tag. Special tags such as super tags require a handheld detacher.
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