Mobile phone and tablet metal security stand

Retail security anti-theft series
Retail security anti-theft series generally include many aspects, such as supermarket security anti-theft and clothing store anti-theft and so on.Today we are going to focus on the security anti-theft display.
Mobile phones and tablets are already an indispensable part of people's lives, so there are more and more shops selling mobile phones and tablets. Therefore, the security and anti-theft of mobile phones and tablets have become an indispensable part of the retail security industry.
Mobile phone security anti-theft bracket
Mobile phone security anti-theft device has a great application in the field of retail security and anti-theft.
General mobile phone security anti-theft materials are divided into acrylic, ABS and metal. Now we will focus on the metal security anti-theft bracket for mobile phones.
Metal, the first impression it gives is strong and firm.In general, commodities made of metal are durable and strong. Of course, mobile phone security anti-theft devices made of metal are undoubtedly strong.
Tablet security and anti-theft stand
Anti-theft devices for tablet computers are also widely used in the retail anti-theft industry.Under normal circumstances, the safety bracket of the tablet computer is made of ABS material, and acrylic is also used, but the strongest is metal, because it can resist falling and is durable.
Metal tablet security stand

With its Z-shaped configuration and strong metal materials, this metal tablet safety bracket forms a stable tablet protection device.

How to choose the right mobile phone & tablet security and anti-theft?
There are three main aspects when choosing a security protection bracket.
1.Power supply
Everyone knows that different countries have different power plugs. Therefore, the power supply of the anti-theft device should also be selected according to the shape of the power plug in your country.The general power plug models have European standard and American standard and British standard and Australian standard.
2.Charging cable head model
The only three charging heads currently on the market are Lightning and Typec and Micro.Customers can choose the corresponding charging cable according to their product model.
3.Model of safety display stand
The model of the safety display bracket is generally considered from the product function and material. The price of more features will be relatively more expensive. The materials are generally acrylic, ABS and metal.Today I mainly recommend the metal security anti-theft display stand, because it is the most cost-effective, strong and relatively cheap.
How many remote control methods are available for the security anti-theft bracket?
There are two remote control methods to remotely control the safety display stand, Bluetooth and infrared. The remote control distance of Bluetooth is farther than that of infrared.But the price of infrared remote control series is lower than that of Bluetooth.
In short, each product has its own advantages and disadvantages, customers can choose according to their own needs.

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