Laptop security anti-theft bracket

Laptop computer physical security anti-theft bracket

The laptop physical security anti-theft bracket means using an external bracket to fix or lock the laptop to prevent the laptop from being stolen.

 Physical anti-theft bracket for laptop
 Physical anti-theft lock for laptop
This laptop anti-theft bracket is made of the strongest iron, which can be fixed on the table with screws, and it also has a rope lock that can be locked on the table, which is a relatively strong protection measure for the laptop.
Independent laptop anti-theft system

An independent laptop anti-theft system refers to the system with an independent power supply and an anti-theft function, which can provide anti-theft functions for a laptop.When someone unplugs the cable connected to the laptop, the system will alarm.

For laptops whose screen and keyboard can be separated, we also have a special anti-theft security system.This system is similar to the independent system mentioned above. It has a built-in button battery and does not need to be plugged in.
 Independent laptop anti-theft system

This system is mainly pasted on the laptop and keyboard with an anti-theft device, and 3M sticker is mainly used.When the anti-theft device is picked up on the table or the anti-theft device is removed from the laptop, an alarm will be triggered.

 Independent laptop anti-theft system

This system mainly uses the USB cable to connect to the laptop.An alarm will be triggered when the line is unplugged

Multi-port host anti-theft alarm system for laptop

The multi-port host anti-theft alarm system is  the host that can protect security anti-theft for multiple laptops at the same time.This multi-port host controller can be 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 ports.We only need to connect the USB charging cable to the laptop on the host and the laptop computer, because the USB charging cable contains an alarm system cable. When someone unplugs the USB charging cable from the computer or the host, the host controller will alarm.

Many laptops now include contact pens, so while providing anti-theft laptops, we may also need to provide anti-theft pens.
For the anti-theft of the mouse, it is the same as the contact pen, and a separate cable can be connected to the multi-port host to connect the mouse.
Because laptops have their own independent charging power supply, as far as security and anti-theft systems are concerned, they cannot charge laptops. Unlike mobile anti-theft devices and tablet anti-theft devices, they can be charged.The charging power of mobile phones and tablet is small, so the security anti-theft device can provide both charging and anti-theft functions.The security anti-theft device of the notebook computer can only provide the security and anti-theft function, but not the charging function.In addition, because of the large current of notebook computers, they need more powerful chargers to charge, so the host controller of the anti-theft security system cannot provide charging for them.
Multi-port anti-theft host controller
Multi-port anti-theft security host controller
Laptop anti-theft is relatively small compared to cell phone anti-theft, because the replacement speed of laptops is much less frequent than that of mobile phones, so the number of laptops sold is also less than the number of mobile phones.
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