Introduction to theft prevention of multi-port controller host

What are the general applications of the security and anti-theft display series?
Security display system, generally used in mobile phone security anti-theft, tablet security anti-theft and laptop security anti-theft and slatwall / pegboard locking security display magnet hook and so on.
Today we mainly introduce the mobile phone security anti-theft and tablet security anti-theft and tablet security anti-theft of the security anti-theft system.
What types are included in the security and anti-theft display series?
General security anti-theft is divided into independent anti-theft system and centralized anti-theft system.Independent anti-theft means that one anti-theft device can only protect one product from theft.Its cost is relatively high.
Centralized security and anti-theft means the security and anti-theft of multi-port hosts.Its biggest feature is that one controller can guard against theft for multiple products.So its cost-effective ratio is relatively high.
Let's introduce the host of multi-port anti-theft controller.
Introduction to the type of multi-port security anti-theft host controller

How many ports are generally divided into multi-port security and anti-theft host controllers?

In general, multi-port controller hosts are divided into 2-port controllers, 4-port controllers, 6-port controllers, 8-port controllers, and 10-port controller hosts.

How to use the multi-port controller?

Multi-port controller is generally plugged directly into the power supply by a power adapter. Then connect accessories to prevent theft of goods.Then a multi-port controller only needs a remote control.

Application of multi-port anti-theft host in mobile phone security and anti-theft

Under normal circumstances, the application of multi-port security anti-theft host in mobile phone security and anti-theft is quite extensive.With a host controller plus a connection line and a base, a mobile phone security anti-theft system is formed.The type of cable can be divided into TypeC and Micro and Lightning according to the different types of mobile phones.The base can also be divided into different types, with different materials of acrylic and ABS.

Centralized anti-theft device

The centralized anti-theft device provides a more cost-effective solution for mobile phone security and anti-theft.

Application of Multi-port Security Host in Tablet Anti-theft

The application of multi-port security host in tablet anti-theft is similar to mobile phone security and anti-theft, but the base is different. The base of the tablet is more demanding than the mobile phone.

The application of multi-port anti-theft host in laptop security

The application of centralized anti-theft in laptop computer anti-theft requires only a centralized anti-theft and a cable connecting the notebook.This line can be a USB cable or a contact cable.This charging cable can also be connected to a keyboard and mouse or a touch pen.

Centralized anti-theft Laptop security anti-theft device

 Multi-port host anti-theft Laptop security anti-theft device

The security host anti-theft has a great application in the field of retail security anti-theft.
If you have any questions about the security and anti-theft host, please contact me.
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