Introduction to Spider Security Tag

EAS security tag 

EAS security tags are generally divided into EAS soft labels and EAS hard tags.EAS soft labels is also named as soft sticker.EAS hard tag has kinds of different kinds,such as security pencil tag and eas supertag and eas security ink tag and eas spider security tag.Today i will introduce some knowledge about the eas spider security tag.

EAS spider security tag

EAS spider security tag is a kind of EAS security hard tag.The security spider tag is a relatively advanced type of EAS tag. Because it can be used in more high-end products and it can be self alarmed. 

EAS security hard tag

EAS spider security tag

Classification of spider security tag

Spider security tag mainly has three species,which are spider wrap and spider net and spider web.

Spider security wrap
Spider wrap means the tag is like a wrap to cover the product.Spider tag wrap is like a rope to bind products together.
Spider security net
The spider tag net means that the tag wraps up the product like a net.

Spider security net

This spider security net can completely wrap the goods to achieve protection.If someone breaks the net, the spider tag will alarm and tweet.When someone passes the anti-theft antenna with a spider tag, the anti-theft antenna will also alarm.

Security spider web
Another security spider tag is security spider web.This kind of tag generally comes from checkpoint, and few other brands produce.
Security Spider web

Security spider wed is the same as security spider net.They all use web and net to wrap up the goods.

Other categories of spider tags
In addition, according to the color distinction, the colors of spider tags are generally divided into black and gray. 
According to frequency, spider tags are generally divided into AM and RF.
 Spider tags can also be distinguished according to the diameter of the tag, generally divided into 45mm and 72mm.
According to the classification of alarm methods, spider tags can be divided into double alarms and triple alarms.Dual alarm means that when the spider tag is damaged, the tag will alarm by itself and when the tag passes the anti-theft antenna. Triple alarm refers to the alarm when the spider tag is damaged and the alarm when the spider tag passes the antenna and the antenna alarm.
How to use spider tags?

How to use the security spider tag, first we need to open the spider tag with a magnetic lock remover, then stretch the rope, then put the product into the spider tag, and then tighten the rope.

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