Introduction of some security display series

Mobile security display stand

The mobile security display stand is also called cell phone anti-theft security stand and smart phone security stand.It is the most widely used category in the security display series.Because mobile phones are being updated too quickly and mobile phones are used the most frequently.For example, the world's more well-known mobile phone brands, Huawei, Apple, Samsung, etc., will launch several new products every year, and consumers will rush to buy them, so mobile phone shops will need a large number of security anti-theft systems to protect these phones.With the continuous update of mobile phone styles, the mobile security anti-theft stand is also constantly updated.At the very beginning, we only need a simple anti-theft function.But slowly, consumers also need to pursue a brighter appearance and stronger protection measures.However, sometimes, merchants also need to consider cost, so there are still a variety of styles on the market to meet different needs.Let me introduce some mobile security stans with different costs and different functions.

The two most cost-effective styles of mobile security holder

ABS mobile phone security anti-theft stand

This is a classic mobile phone anti-theft style.Consumers can choose whether they need a clip, which will make the protection stronger and safer.

Acrylic mobile phone security anti-theft bracket

This acrylic mobile phone security stand  also has blue color, and the acrylic will emit a blue light when charging.

The strongest and safest two mobile phone security anti-theft brackets

wo-point clip + built-in wire rope mobile phone security anti-theft stand

This is an upgraded version of the mobile phone security anti-theft stand, with a clip on it, a wire rope inside the bracket, and screws at the bottom of the bracket to fix it on the table..

Four-point clip + built-in wire rope mobile phone security anti-theft holder

This is a mobile phone security anti-theft bracket with the strongest anti-theft measures. A four-point clip can be placed on the bracket, and at the same time, the inside of the bracket also contains a steel wire rope, and the bottom is also fixed with screws.

Tablet security and anti-theft solution

Regarding the anti-theft of the tablet, many can choose the anti-theft bracket of the mobile phone, just change the clip. But at the same time, there are also security anti-theft brackets specially designed for tablet computers. Let me introduce them in turn.

Security and anti-theft series that can be used on both mobile phones and tablets
For some security anti-theft systems that can hold clips, the purpose of simultaneous use of mobile phones and tablets can be achieved by just changing the clips.
The security anti-theft bracket used in mobile

For this security display stand, it can be used on both mobile phones and tablets.For mobile phones, 4-5.5 inch clips are used, which can meet different sizes of mobile phones.

The security anti-theft bracket used in tablet

For tablet PCs, there are two kinds of clips, one is 8-inch and the other is 10-inch. You can choose the right clip according to the different sizes of the tablet.

Vertical mobile phone security anti-theft stand
Vertical tablet security anti-theft stand
This anti-theft device can also be used on both mobile phones and tablets anti-theft.
Below is a demonstration video operation of a tablet anti-theft application
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