Introduction of different EAS hard tags

EAS Security tag

The EAS security tag is the accessory used with the EAS anti-theft system.According to the different frequency, it can also be divided into different frequencies such as AM, RF and EM.

8.2Mhz RF square hard tag
"8.2Mhz" is the frequency of the tag, "RF" is the system category of the tag. "Square" is the shape of the tag. "Hard" is the surface feature of the tag. According to the different size, the "square" can also be divided into different types.
generally, there are these sizes:
The smallest size tag is called mini RF square tag. Of course, it can be called an ordinary square tag and large square tag according to different sizes. This kind of tag can only be used for RF and cannot be made into AM, because it can only put coils in it, not magnetic rods.

According to the different choices of customers, this kind of tag can be made into a variety of colours.
Colored square RF hard tags
Ordinary black and white square hard tag
AM and RF Golf security hard tag

"Golf" is just because the shape of the tag resembles a golf ball. It does not mean that the tag is for golf.

Golf tags can be made into two frequencies, AM and RF. Either a magnetic rod or a coil can be placed inside.Regarding the surface of the golf tag, it can be made into a smooth or uneven surface.

Generally, golf tags are only white or black.

According to the different diameter, golf tags can generally be divided into the following specifications,the diameters are 45mm and 53mm and 62mm respectively.

White bump golf hard tag
Black smooth golf tag
RF and AM pencil tags

The pencil tag is named the same as the golf tag. It is not called the pencil tag because it is used on a pencil, but because it looks like a pencil.

Pencil tags can be made into two frequencies, RF and AM. But there are more applications of AM and less of RF.

Regarding pencil tags, we can use nails or ropes.Nails are generally divided into 16mm and 19mm length types, and the length of the rope can also be customized according to the customer's needs.

Lanyard pencil security hard tag
Pencil hard tags with nails
AM Super security hard tag

Super tags are generally known to customers as Sensormatic super tags.The super tag is only available in AM style, and it requires a special hand-held detacher to open the tag.

Super tags can also be divided into different styles according to different sizes

Large super security hard tag
Small super security hard tag
RF and AM Ink security hard tag

Ink tags are called "ink tags" because they do contain ink inside the tag.According to the different needs of customers, the color of the ink is also different.

Ink tags also have different shapes.

Round three-color ink tag
Square two-color ink tag

RF and AM Bottle security hard tag

Wine bottle tags are generally classified according to their functions and shapes.Generally there are the following styles.

 Wire rope wine bottle tag
Plastic security wine bottle cap
Plastic security wine bottle tag
Plastic rope wine bottle buckle
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