How to use slatwall security hook?

How to use slatwall security hook?

Security displays actually include many types,including mobile phone anti-theft security stand, tablet anti-theft security stand, tablet computer security device,The slatwall security hook is also one of the security displays series.Security hooks are also generally used in physical stores selling mobile phones to hang accessories.It is mainly composed of ABS and plastic. It is mainly composed of ABS and metal. It contains a magnetic lock core, which must be opened with a special magnetic unlocker.

What types of security hooks are there? 

Depending on the type of wall hanging, there are many types of slatwall hooks.In general, there are the following types.

What are the sizes of the slatwall security hook are there?

And according to the different requirements of consumers, the length of the hook is also different. Generally, the length of the security hook is divided into 15 cm, 18 cm and 25 cm.

How to use the slatwall security hook?

In fact, it is very simple to use this kind of safety hook, which is to open the hook with a lock opener, then put the product into the hook, and then lock the hook.Please watch the video below for a brief introduction.

New types of security hooks

Of course, as customer needs continue to change, the design of the hook is also constantly changing. Please see the updated configuration below.

New security anti-theft hook

It has the same function as the old anti-theft hook except that the unlocking method is different because the internal lock core structure is different.

New security anti-theft hook detacher

This detacher makes unlocking easier.And it is safer than the old style.

Practical application case of the slatwall security hook

This security hook is widely used in the security and theft prevention of retail stores.

The security hook is used in retail security and anti-theft and use a lock detacher to open it.
Retail security anti-theft is divided into many categories, such as EAS security anti-theft system, surveillance security anti-theft system and RFID security system, etc.Security display is also an essential part of retail security anti-theft system.
If you have any questions about security and anti-theft hooks, please consult me.
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