How to prevent theft in pharmacy?

What is EAS System

EAS system is the abbreviation of Electronic Article Surveillance, also known as the electronic commodity anti-theft system, which is currently one of the commodity security measures widely adopted in the large retail industry. The EAS system is mainly composed of three parts: the detector (Sensor), the decoder (Deactivator) and the electronic label (Electronic Label and Tag).

Classification of EAS system

EAS systems are generally divided into AM systems, RF systems and EM systems.The frequency of the AM system is generally 58KHz, the frequency of the RF system is generally 8.2MHz, and the frequency of the EM system is generally 1-2MHz.




General application of EAS system

The EAS system is generally used in clothing store anti-theft, library anti-theft and supermarket anti-theft and pharmacy anti-theft.Today we will focus on how pharmacies use the EAS system to prevent theft.

 How does the pharmacy prevent theft?

The EAS system generally consists of three parts, including tags, detection antennas and decoders.Because the products of pharmacies are generally boxed, it is difficult to use hard tags. It is more suitable to use soft labels.According to the customer's choice, it can be divided into RF system and AM system to choose.

How to put the soft label on the medicine box?

Generally, the label can be directly attached to the medicine box or directly embedded in the box.

A simple demonstration of how the pharmacy anti-theft system works
How does the pharmacy anti-theft system work?

First, we need to embed or stick the anti-theft label on the pill box.Install EAS anti-theft antenna at the door,when the labeled medicine box passes the anti-theft antenna, the anti-theft antenna will emit a beep alarm sound.Therefore, after the customer purchases the product, the cashier needs to decode the lable so that the lable will not sound the alarm when it passes the antenna.

Embedded soft label

Putting the label into the packaging box in this embedded way can achieve the purpose of concealing the label without affecting the aesthetics of the product.

EAS AM Deactivator

Put the decoder next to the cash register.After the cashier checks the cash, the label can be decoded.In this way, when the product is taken out by the customer and passes through the antenna, it will not cause the antenna to alarm.

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