How to install AM anti-theft antenna?

1. Engineering design should be based on the principles of practicality, economy and rationality;
2. It is necessary to ensure that the technical specifications of the EAS equipment are met, especially the installation distance index;
3. The distance between the EAS detection equipment and the decoder should be greater than 1.5M;
4. It must be specified that the power supply line of the EAS equipment must be led separately from the distribution box closest to the installation site, and other equipment cannot be shared on the power supply line;
5. It must be noted that 1.0M around the installation location of the EAS equipment should be free of large-area metal items and 220V power lines (or other high-voltage lines);
6. The power supply line must be well grounded;
7. When using multiple sets, use the same circuit for the power supply line as much as possible; and keep the same phase;

Installation standard:

1. After the EAS equipment arrives at the installation site, it should first be tested according to the location of the design plan;
2. After the test run is successful, please ask the person in charge of customer engineering to locate, including the installation position, distance (within the index range) of the EAS detector, and confirmation of the installation position of the decoder and unlocker;
3. If there is interference in the field environment during the test, find out the cause of the interference and determine the solution before installing the fixed equipment;
4. After the installation position of the EAS equipment is determined, mark the position of the equipment fixing hole and the groove required for the buried wire;
5. Use an impact drill to drill a ground hole of Ф12 in a fixed hole position, and use a cutting machine to open a 10mm wide and 10mm deep groove (the depth of the groove can be deepened according to actual conditions);
6. After the above work is completed, place the EAS device in the installation position → connection → fixed (with expansion gong nails in the device) → cover the floor (with stainless steel bead in the device) → fix the bead with white cement or glass glue Ground level
7. All connection wires must be shielded cables (including connection lines and DC power lines);
8. During the construction of the project, safety should be the first priority; power must be disconnected when replacing cutting blades, drill bits, etc .;
9. All power cords and wiring must be fixed with line cards; if wiring is required, they must be soldered and connected tightly and securely with insulating tape, and the wiring parts should be kept out of the trench as much as possible
10. The unlocker should be fixed at a position where the cashier can easily operate the cashier;

Precautions during installation

1.The 220V AC power used by all antennas must be one line, and the neutral line and live line must be in the same location (left zero line and right live line), must be equipped with a safety ground wire (from the distribution box), and the ground must be good. (220V AC for safe ground)
Selection of live wire: The live wire that is not connected to the power supply should be selected as the power supply for the device, preferably the hot line that is connected to the lighting power. (Cannot use UPS power to power the system)
2.The equipment should be tested before installation and wiring to ensure that there is no problem in the test before installation.
3.Site environment requirements:
  • a. It should be about 1 meter away from a large area of metal objects
  • b. should be about 4-5 meters away from the electronic fluorescent lamp
  • c. should be away from large electrical equipment about 3-5 meters
  • d. should be about 2-3 meters away from the display
  • e. should be about 5-8 meters away from the induction cooker
4. The equipment is divided into two types: the main unit and the auxiliary unit; the main unit is an execution antenna, and there is an LED indicator on the top after power-on; and the auxiliary unit is an antenna that increases the detection range without an alarm function


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