How to design a supermarket to be 100% anti-theft

Every year, the world suffers more than $100 billion in losses due to theft. These losses are mainly from various retail department stores, supermarkets, warehouses, etc. Also, the proportion of theft of household goods is the largest. This category accounts for the top three of the total theft products each year. If you have a reasonable plan to solve this type of problem. Then you can bring high profits to these businesses.
Past anti-theft measures
In the past supermarket anti-theft is to rely on monitoring to solve. But this is not 100% to prevent theft.

There is such a case in a supermarket in a town where supermarkets are stolen every day. Then one day I caught an old lady stealing pork. After interrogation, I learned that the old lady used her many factors to monitor and could not see her, and put the goods into her clothes. Then buy some cheap things to pay at the door. Because of her age, the staff relaxed her vigilance that she could not steal goods. Never doubt the old lady. In this way, the old lady used this method to constantly steal goods.
How small supermarkets prevent theft
Generally, we should pay attention to the following aspects: 
1. In the overall layout of the supermarket, we must pay attention to the smooth flow of sight, leaving no dead ends;

2. The layout of the shelf discharge should be in a straight line, avoiding corners and bumps as much as possible;

3. The passage should be kept open and there should be no obstacles in the middle;

4. There must be a certain distance between the checkout counter and the door. The checkout counter and the shelf should be placed vertically so that the owner can clearly observe the situation inside the store.

Statistics show that the most easily lost items in open-sale stores are cigarettes, cosmetics, shampoo products, milk powder and other high-priced and easy-to-carry goods. The loss of these goods accounts for about 50% to 70% of the total loss. If these goods are protected, they can effectively reduce losses.

The store mainly displays the most easily stolen goods in the place that is most easily seen by them, so that even when it is very busy, it can take care of these goods and increase the difficulty of the thief.

Besides, the most easily stolen goods should not be placed on the shelf near the door, because the traffic at the door is large, the salesperson is not easy to find or distinguish the thief. Besides, it is also possible to adopt a centralized management method to concentrate some easily lost and high-priced products into a relatively small area to form a shopping space similar to a “boutique area”, which will be very beneficial to theft prevention.

For some customers with abnormal behavior, supermarket operators and employees must have a certain degree of prevention. If a customer stays in a hidden corner for too long, the salesperson must "disregard" a certain distance to observe it. Once the "customer" is found to have unlawful behavior, it must promptly notify the relevant department to deal with it.

Finally, you also need an eas security system to come to the last layer of security for the most supermarket anti-theft.

Only need to install an eas security system at the entrance and exit, so that in the absence of paying the bill, the door will be alarmed; the loss caused by theft of the thief is prevented.

Its working principle is to put the detection antenna at the door, and buckle the soft or hard label on the goods for sale; go out of the shop door without decoding or unlocking through the cash register, and the detection antenna will automatically sound an alarm to notify the clerk and the shop,The goods were stolen. 

It will not be like the monitoring system, it will make customers feel uncomfortable and can not be installed in the fitting room, but also play a deterrent role, so that the thief does not dare to come in. 

Don't worry about when there are too many people, worry that the customer will take things directly and leave. The loss rate has plummeted. Ordinary open small supermarket stores, if something is often stolen, then go to the supermarket anti-theft device to install, to ensure that you will not regret it.
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