Different kinds of mobile phone security anti-theft brackets

The most famous mobile phone anti-theft brand in the world

MTI is a global leader in retail merchandising and services for more than 40 years. ;They have been at the forefront of mobile phone anti-theft and tablet anti-theft.Many other manufacturers like to imitate their new models.


InVue is a global technology company that provides retailers and brands with innovative merchandising, software and security solutions. 

Chinese manufacturer mobile phone security stand
The mobile phone security stands of Chinese manufacturers are becoming more and more popular among consumers in various countries.At present, many Huawei security anti-theft and iphone security anti-theft come from Chinese suppliers.So how much do you know about security mobile phone anti-theft, let me introduce it to you below.
Classification of mobile anti-theft systems

According to different functions, mobile phone security anti-theft systems can generally be divided into independent and multi-port host security anti-theft systems.Independent phone alarm system has another name,that is standalone security alarm system.Multi-port host can be divided into 2-port and 4-port and 6-port and 8-port and 10-port host controller.They can connect the corresponding cable to connect the corresponding number of mobile phone security anti-theft devices.

Stand alone phone alarm security stand

Multi-port host alarm security stand

Anti-theft stand only with 3M sticker fixing function

Under normal circumstances, there will be 3M stickers under the anti-theft stand.Take off the 3M sticker and stick it directly on the table.

Anti-theft stand with screw fixing function

Except 3M sticker,the anti-theft device with screws is undoubtedly an extra layer of protection.The anti-theft device with screws needs to have holes on the table to fix the screws on it.Usually two screws, we will equip a series of supporting products such as screws and screwdrivers and nuts.

 Anti-theft device with screw

The screw is inserted into the anti-theft device, then stretched out, and then fixed on the table.

 Anti-theft security stand with screw

The length of the screw can be adjusted

 Acrylic mobile phone security stand

Acrylic, as a special glass, is very popular in industry because of its transparent and beautiful appearance. Acrylic is also chosen for mobile phone security anti-theft brackets and tablet security anti-theft display.

Acrylic security anti-theft mobile phone holder
Acrylic security anti-theft tablet stand
The latest wireless security anti-theft display stand

In order to meet the constantly escalating needs and experience of customers, we have developed a wireless security anti-theft device.This anti-theft device does not require wire fixation, so customers can experience the product as they wish, but when the product is taken out of a certain range, the anti-theft device will alarm.

Wireless security anti-theft device

Use wireless anti-theft technology to place the mobile phone or tablet on the security stand.When the mobile phone or tablet is taken out of a certain range, the device will alarm.Although it is wireless, it can also charge mobile phones and tablets.

How does wireless security anti-theft device work?
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