Classification and use of bottle security tags

Now that the economy is recovering and various wine shops are gradually opening, the demand for security tags for wine bottles is also increasing.Now let me introduce all the knowledge about anti-theft tags for wine bottles.Wine bottle tags not only contain hard tags, but also soft labels.Generally, hard tags are used more than soft labels.Because hard tags can be reused, and the anti-theft effect is better.Soft labels cannot be reused,but its price is cheaper.
There are many brands in the EAS industry, Sensormatic and Checkpoint are the most well-known brands.The performance of their EAS antenna is top-notch, and the tag is at the forefront of the industry.But now more and more consumers prefer to buy EAS tags made in China because of their low price and the same detection effect.Now let me introduce one of the EAS tags, the wine bottle securiry tag.
ABS Bottle cap 

The ABS bottle cap is transparent,transparent top provides a clean product display and easy viewing of product tags.They can come in small, large, extra large and tall sizes.Cap offers a strong visual deterrent and benefit denial protection.Another biggest advantage of the bottle cap is that cap offers a strong visual deterrent and benefit denial protection.
Crystal ABS Bottle cap  
EAS security bottle cap
EAS security tag
AM/RF security bottle tag

Bottle wire lanyard security hard tag

The wine bottle tag with wire rope is the most cost-effective wine bottle tag, because its price is cheaper than ABS bottle caps, but the protective effect is not reduced.This type of tag can also be divided into different shapes and lengths according to frequency,which are RF and AM.

Usually the shape of the RF tag is relatively large round or square, because the area of the RF coil is relatively large, a larger case is needed to install the coil.

AM bottle tags are generally made into a triangle, because its magnetic bar is a long strip.

Depending on the size of the bottle, the length of the tag rope can also be divided into different lengths, such as wine bottle tags and milk powder tags.

 RF milk powder bottle tag
AM wine bottle tag
Bottle security soft label

Because of its special properties, soft labels can be widely used in many places, just like they can be attached to bottles.Soft labels can be divided into RF and AM, RF is 8.2MHz, AM is 58KHz.The biggest advantage of soft labels is that they are cheap, but the disadvantage is that they cannot be reused.Soft labels can only be used once.The soft label can be affixed anywhere on the bottle, but it is best to stick it flat and not bend or crease.

Please take a look at an on-site usage example from an African customer.

 Bottle security soft label
Wine security label
Liquor anti-theft label
Introducing so many wine bottle labels, let’s introduce my company, Nanjing Bohang Electronics Co., Ltd., which was established in 2001 and is specialized in the EAS industry. There are a variety of different EAS products, including wine bottle tags of course. Welcome to contact me.
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