A few points about the EAS system

What types of EAS systems are generally divided into?
EAS systems are generally divided into AM system and RF system , EM system and RFID system.AM system is the system with 58KHz and RF system is the system with 8.2MHz.Both EM system and RFID system have higher frequency..
Where is each EAS system used?
 Clothing store anti-theft 

Anti-theft in clothing stores is a major part of the EAS anti-theft field.In the clothing anti-theft system, both AM and RF can be used. And only one of these two systems can be used. EM and RFID are not suitable for ordinary clothing store anti-theft.Because in the clothing store anti-theft system, only EAS security hard tags are needed, and then equipped with a lock opener and EAS antenna is a complete EAS system.

Supermarket anti-theft system 

Supermarket anti-theft systems generally can also use AM and RF systems.However, the supermarket anti-theft system may require both soft labels and hard tags.

Book security and anti-theft 

Book anti-theft devices generally use EM or RF systems.

If it is a library, customers who need to borrow and return books need to use the EM system, because the EM system can perform repeated magnetization and demagnetization.

If it is a bookstore that sells books, you can also use the RF system, because RF lables cannot be repeatedly magnetized and demagnetized.After it is decoded, it loses its function, just like ordinary supermarket anti-theft principle.

Pharmacy security and anti-theft

Pharmacies generally use the AM system for security and anti-theft, because some medicine boxes may contain aluminum foil. AM can effectively resist metal shielding, while other systems do not have this function. The AM label can be inserted into the medicine box or directly attached to the surface.

Warehouse storage and security

Warehouse storage and security generally use RFID systems, which can realize the functions of data storage, memory and reading.At the same time, it can also achieve security and anti-theft functions at the same time.

How many types of EAS tags are generally divided into?
Under normal circumstances, according to the appearance of the label, it can be divided into soft labels and hard labels. Soft labels can be attached to products with adhesive properties. Hard tags are fixed to the product with nails or lanyards.However, the EM system does not have hard tags, and several other systems have soft labels and hard tags.

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