6 things you need to consider when choosing an EAS manufacturer!

Now the EAS system has increasingly become an indispensable part of modern life, and it is widely used in various retail security and anti-theft fields.So what security and anti-theft are the EAS systems applied to?
1.Anti-theft for clothing stores

Anti-theft in clothing stores mainly include anti-theft hard tags and lock openers and EAS antennas.

2.Cosmetic security and anti-theft

Cosmetic security and anti-theft mainly include soft tags and decoders and EAS antennas,

3.Pharmacy security and anti-theft

Pharmacy security and anti-theft mainly include soft tags and decoders and EAS antennas.

4.Bookstore anti-theft

In bookstore anti-theft, soft tags and decoders and EAS antennas are also mainly used.

5.Security and anti-theft in supermarkets

The security and anti-theft of supermarkets mainly include hard tags and soft tags, decoders and unlockers, and EAS antennas.

6.Anti-theft in optical shop

According to different needs, hard tags and soft tags can also be used for anti-theft in optical shops. The soft tag is matched with a decoder, and the hard tag is matched with a detacher.

6 things you need to consider when choosing an EAS manufacturer
1.The strength of the EAS factory

The strength of the factory includes :

1.The production capacity of the factory, such as daily output, monthly output, and annual output.

2.The year the factory was established, under normal circumstances, the longer the establishment, the more proving its strength.

3.Selection of factory raw materials.he selection of raw materials for factories should generally be considered from two aspects. One is whether the material is new or recycled. The other is the supply speed of materials. If the supply speed of materials is slow, the production cycle will be long.

 2.If the EAS company suppliers have their own technology

Whether EAS company suppliers have their own technology is also a key factor. If a company does not have its own technology, then it will not have its own long-term qualifications in the market.

3.Domestic sales performance

The domestic sales performance shows the company's recognition in the domestic market.If the domestic sales performance is good, then it proves its great strength, because the domestic sales performance is the best proof of the company's strength.

4.Company's export share

The company's export share proves the company's influence in the international market.

5.Quality of after-sales service

A company's after-sales service is an important indicator of whether a company is trustworthy. If the company's after-sales service is not good, then cooperation will be very tiring; if a company has a good after-sales service, this is a necessary condition for long-term cooperation.

6.If the company has its own factory

Whether the company has its own factory is related to whether the company has the ability to produce the output you want within the prescribed time limit.

Looking for EAS distributors worldwide
Nanjing Bohang Electronics Co., Ltd., established in 2001, has been committed to the development and production of EAS systems.We are actively looking for global EAS distributors.Our advantages are as follows:

1.We have developed and produced our own products, including EAS antenna motherboards and EAS security tags.

2.We have a market share of more than 50% in China's domestic EAS market.

3.We have successively established our own distributors in some countries, such as Japan and South Africa.

4.We can provide 24 hours a day after-sales service, we can provide free label samples and remote technical guidance.
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