What kinds of bottle security tags are there?

Classification of bottle security tags according to frequency

According to frequency classification, EAS hard tags can be divided into AM hard tags and RF hard tags.
AM hard tags are tags that must be used in conjunction with the AM system under 58MHZ.And RF hard tags are tags that must be used in conjunction with the RF system under 8.2MHZ.

Classification of bottle security tags according to function

According to the different use functions of various bottle tags, bottle security tags can be divided into many different types, which will be introduced in turn.

1.Wine Bottle security tag

Wine bottle security tag is the most common type of bottle security tags.It is also the bottle security bottle tag with the most styles.

Small Plastic wine bottle safety cap

Small plastic wine bottle safety caps are generally disposable,
meaning that the tag is damaged after being opened by a magnetic detacher.
This is a safety cap for wine bottles with a relatively small aperture.
It can be divided into two different frequencies, AM and RF.

Reusable wine bottle safety hard tag

This kind of hard tag for wine bottles is a type that can be reused repeatedly. After being opened by a magnetic tag remover, the tag can also be reused. It can always be used in an infinite loop.
This kind of tag can also be divided into 8.2mhz security tag and 58khz security tag different types.

Triangular AM wine bottle tag with steel wire rope

The triangular AM wine bottle tag has a steel wire rope, which can adjust the length of the rope, which can be used for the protection of wine bottles more flexibly.

Round RF wine bottle safety tag with steel wire rope

The round RF wine bottle safety tag has a steel wire rope. The length of the steel wire rope can also be adjusted, which can be adjusted according to the size of the wine bottle.
The bottle security tag and the liquor security tag are the same type. Because their bottles are universal, they can all use the same type of bottle security tag.

2.Safety tag for infant formula cans

Infant formula cans are generally larger than wine bottles, so the safety tags used in them are different from the safety tags of wine bottles.Let's introduce the security tags of various infant formula milk powder in turn.

Infant formula security tag with lanyard

This type of infant formula security tag has a similar principle to that of the similar wine bottle security tag, except that it has a longer string than a wine bottle safety label. The length of this rope can be customized according to the thickness of the jar.

Safety cap for milk powder jar

The safety cap of this milk powder can is directly covered on the milk powder can. The safety factor is higher, but the price is correspondingly higher than the ordinary tag.

3.Other common styles of bottle security tags

In addition to the above-mentioned common bottle safety labels, there are also some bottle safety labels that are also more common, as shown below.

Security bottle tag

EAS Security tag

Security tag for bottle

The bottle safety tag is an indispensable accessory in the EAS anti-theft system.The bottle label can be reused indefinitely.
If you want to know more about EAS tags, please read this article.
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