What is EAS Security Gate

The definition of EAS security gate
There are many types of security gates. There are security gates for home use, as well as security gates for subways or airports, and of course for commercial premises.Today we will discuss the EAS security gate.EAS is short for Electronic Article Surveillance.In short,EAS security gate is a security gate with anti-theft function of goods.
Where are EAS security gates used?
Supermarket anti-theft system

There are often some customers ask me which system should be used in the supermarket, Should it use an AM system or an RF system?So now I will describe what I know about it.With regard to the selection of supermarket anti-theft gates, attention should be paid to the following aspects.

1.What is the size of the supermarket?

Why should we pay attention to the area of the supermarket, because we should judge whether to choose AM or RF system according to the area of the supermarket. Generally, the detection distance of the AM system is wider than the detection range of the RF system, so for larger supermarkets, we recommend choosing the AM system.

2.How many exits does the supermarket have and what is the width of the each exit?

Knowing the number of exits can determine how many antennas should be used.Knowing the width of the gate can determine how many AM or RF antenna should be used.

3.What are the basic products sold in the supermarket?

Generally,supermarkets sell food, textiles, electronic products, etc.,The purpose of determining the types of these products is to determine which labels and tags are required for supporting eas security gates.Usually, hard tags can be used for all textiles.Hard tags are composed of nails and tags, which can be opened with a detacher and can be recycled used.Foods cannot be nailed because of the sealed bags, otherwise air will leak. Therefore, it is recommended to use soft labels for foods with packaging bags.Of course, bottled food, such as wine and beverages and milk powder, can use special hard tags, they are security bottle caps and milk powder security tags.For electronic products, special security display series are generally used.

The pictures below shows the labels and tags used on different products.

Textile security hard tag
 Underwear security hard tag
 Towel safety hard tag
 Pillow security hard tag
Products with soft labels in supermarkets
You can insert the soft label through the gap 
You can also put the label directly in the box
Clothing store anti-theft system
The selection of the anti-theft system for clothing stores is relatively simple, because in general, only security hard tags can be used.You only need to choose the type of EAS system and the type of hard tags.Like the supermarket anti-theft system described above, you also need to determine the area of the clothing store and the quantity of exits and the width of the exit, so that you can know which system to choose and how many antennas to choose.Both the AM system and the RF system can be used in the clothing store anti-theft. General clothing security tags use ordinary security hard tags and self-sounding alarm tags and ink tags.
 Pencil security hard tag 

In addition to choosing the pencil tag, you can also choose other security tags, such as supertags and golf tags,

 Security ink tag

The advantage of the ink tag is that in addition to the anti-theft alarm feature, the ink itself is a feature.

 Security self alarm tag

Self-alarm tags are generally used in more expensive products, because the cost of tags is relatively high.

In addition to the above two more common applications, there are many other places that will also use EAS security gates, such as shoe stores, luggage stores, optical shops, etc.The hard tags used in shoe stores and luggage stores are basically the same as those used in clothing stores.Optical shops need to use special glasses optical tags.
EAS security gate is the best tool to protect the commercial value of your shop.
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