What are the common security display series on the market?

Security display is a very important part of security retail anti-theft.So what aspects does the safety display series include?

Camera safety display

Camera safety displays can be divided into two different types according to different types of cameras, one is a camera without a lens, and the other is a camera with a lens.A camera without a lens only needs a simple bracket to put the camera on. A camera with a lens requires an additional bracket to place the lens.Look at the display and introduction of two different camera security brackets below.

Short camera security anti-theft stand

This bracket is the camera safety bracket without lens

High camera security anti-theft stand

This high camera security anti-theft bracket is also a kind of camera security bracket without lens.

Shaver security anti-theft bracket

The razor is an indispensable necessity in daily life. So it is more common in shopping malls, so how much do you know about the anti-theft knowledge of razors?

Shaver safety bracket

The working principle of the shaver anti-theft device is to put the shaver in the holder and connect it to the shaver with a contact wire. If the wire is removed, the alarm will alarm.

Shaver anti-theft device

But after the razor is picked up, it will not be affected, as long as the contact line is not moved.

Laptop computer security and anti-theft

There are two main types of tablet security and anti-theft, one is physical anti-theft, and the other is electronic security anti-theft alarm device.

Laptop physical security and anti-theft

The physical security and anti-theft of a laptop computer is to use a lock to lock the computer, so that the purpose of protecting the computer can be achieved.

Laptop computer alarm security anti-theft device

The laptop alarm security anti-theft device will alarm after being picked up online.

Tablet computer security anti-theft device

Tablet computer security anti-theft device is a relatively common security anti-theft series. It is actually very close to the mobile phone anti-theft device, but the tablet anti-theft device may require a larger area.Let's look at two different tablet security anti-theft devices.

Acrylic Tablet  Security Anti-theft Device

This kind of acrylic tablet computer security anti-theft device is to directly place the tablet computer on the display rack. The anti-theft device can not only charge the tablet computer, but also play the role of showing the tablet computer.

Tablet security stand with clip

The tablet safety bracket with clip, you can use the clip to fix the tablet, which is an extra layer of protection.
The cable on the anti-theft device can charge the tablet.

Mobile phone security anti-theft device

Mobile phone security anti-theft device is the most common type of security anti-theft device. Because the mobile phone is one of the most widely used necessities in daily life.
What types of mobile security anti-theft devices are included? Generally, they can be divided into independent styles and multi-port host styles.

Independent mobile phone security anti-theft device

An independent mobile phone security anti-theft device is an anti-theft device that specifically protects a mobile phone and is an independent alarm.

Multi-port host mobile phone security anti-theft device

A multi-port host anti-theft mobile phone is a host that can protect multiple mobile phones. The multi-port host can be divided into 2 ports and 4 ports and 6 ports and 8 ports and 10 ports.
This is some introduction to the safety display series. For more information, you can refer to this article.
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