What are the advantages of sound magnetic anti-theft AM system

Acoustic magnetic anti-theft system is the most common anti-theft product in the retail industry. What advantages do they have over other types of anti-theft? What are the main advantages? This article will tell you the answer.


1. World's Leading Digital Signal Processing Technology (DSP)

Acoustomagnetic anti-theft (AM) system uses the most advanced digital signal processing technology (DSP-Digital Signal Processing) to ensure the lowest false alarm rate and the possibility of self-sounding. The DSP technology is based on the best algorithm model and years of product design and use experience data to perform a digital analysis of the alarm signal and all possible external interference signals.
The essence of DSP lies in optimization algorithms and rich empirical data. The optimized algorithm enables the system to perform the fastest calculations on all received signals. , Analysis, comparison and judgment, making the system have higher sensitivity and faster response. Rich experience data can only come from years of design and use experience.
Based on the above experience, the software stored in the DSP can “reality” search and compare the various signals received by the system with the signal models (various marker signals and various interference signals) stored in the database, thereby ensuring that system alerts can be prevented The possibility of false alarms due to external interference signals.
At the same time, by using DSP technology, the system can guarantee the tag signal and "more reliable detection," thereby greatly improving the detection rate and sensitivity of the system. DSP technology is the key to the different performance of different EAS systems.

2.Unique automatic compensation antenna technology

Acoustomagnetic anti-theft AM system uses the patented automatic signal compensation antenna technology (ASC-Automatic Signal Compensation) to ensure the system's high detection rate and low false alarm rate.

3.Dynamic multiphase detection technology

Acoustomagnetic anti-theft AM system uses patented dynamic multi-phase detection (DMFD-Dynamic Multi-Phase Detection) to ensure a high detection rate and a small detection blind area, thereby maximizing the anti-theft function of the EAS system.

4.Multi-channel signal detection technology

The acousto-magnetic anti-theft AM system compares the received electromagnetic wave signals through multiple scanning windows, thereby more accurately distinguishing marker signals and interference signals, and minimizing the possibility of false alarms and self-sounding.

5.Low power consumption and minimum electromagnetic radiation

The acousto-magnetic anti-theft additive manufacturing system strictly adheres to the world's most stringent European CE electromagnetic radiation standards, and strictly controls the power of electromagnetic waves to minimize electromagnetic radiation and ensure the personal safety of long-term users.  bohang EAS system has passed a series of international authoritative safety certifications, such as FCC, UL, CE.

6, Advanced wireless synchronization technology, stable performance

Acoustomagnetic anti-theft AM system uses advanced synchronization technology. Any number of detection antennas can be installed simultaneously through the wireless system to achieve the free combination of multiple channels without reducing the detection performance and channel width, thereby greatly improving the entire system.


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