We have cooperated with many well-known clothing stores

Since Nanjing Bohang Electronics Co., Ltd. establishment, we have cooperated with many well-known clothing stores, supermarkets and mobile phone stores in brand strategy. For example, Adidas, Colombia, Philadelphia and so on. We have become strategic partners with

HIKVISION, and we are also partners with Sensormatic. As for the design scheme, it is better to provide the shop's CAD drawings, so that our engineers can make more comprehensive and detailed design according to the CAD drawings. If

you do not have

 CAD drawings, let us know the size of your shop and the number of doors, the width of the doors, the number of goods and so on.

As for the anti-theft of clothing stores, there can be a buried antenna scheme, which is generally applicable to high-end clothing stores with high image requirements, and the strong concealment does not affect the interior decoration of the stores.

Anti-theft in clothing stores is generally relatively simple, because only hard tags are needed. Hard tags and detachers and

EAS antennas are needed to form an EAS system.

Generally, there are two kinds of solutions for anti-theft in supermarkets: channel type and total export type. Channel solution is to install the anti-theft antenna next to the radio. The advantage of this method is that it can more precise anti-theft, and can comprehensively detect and prevent damage to every customer who passes through the export. The following picture.

The total export solution is to install EAS antenna at the total outlet of the supermarket. The advantage of this solution is that it can save costs and use fewer antennas. The following picture.

As for the anti-theft of supermarkets, it may be more complicated because of the variety of goods, which may require hard

tags and soft labels. It may also need some special function labels, such as freezing labels for frozen food, and soft labels for non-decoding products. In this way, hard tags, soft labels and decoder anti-theft antennas are needed to form an EAS system.This scheme is also used in jewelry stores and cosmetics stores to prevent theft.

Anti-theft in Shoe Store

Anti-theft in Hat Shop

Anti-theft in glasses stores

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