Various EAS security anti-theft tags and labels

EAS Security Hard Tag
EAS security hard tags are mainly divided into AM hard tag and RF hard tag.
EAS AM security hard tag 

EAS AM tags are generally equipped with magnetic rods, which are all long strips, so AM tags are generally long strips.There are many different shapes and models of AM hard tags.

1.Pencil Security Hard Tag

Why is the pencil label called the pencil label, because it looks like a pencil, with a pencil tip and a pencil shaft. Pencil safety labels can be divided into super pencil labels, normal pencil labels and mini pencil labels according to their length.

EAS AM Pencil Tag 

EAS pencil tags can be divided into ordinary pencil tags and mini pencil tags.

 EAS AM Large Pencil Tag 
The EAS large pencil tag means that its length and built-in magnetic bar are larger than ordinary pencil tags.

2.EAS AM Lanyard Tag

The EAS AM lanyard tag is atag similar in shape to a pencil tag, but it has a lanyard, which can make it more widely used.As long as the product contains parts that can be lanyard, you can use this lanyard tag. Such as shoes and bags and so on.

Lanyard AM Hard Tag 

Lanyard AM Hard TagSemi-Automatic PET Bottle 

3.EAS AM Super Hard Tag

Super security tag is a special structure that distinguishes it from pencil security tag.It needs a special tag remover to open, this kind of detacher can be a handle detacher and electric detacher.Super tags are called super tags because they have stronger protection capabilities than other tags.

EAS AM Super Tag
EAS AM Super Tag
4.EAS AM triangle wine bottle security tag

Because of the special nature of the AM label magnetic bar, when it is made into a wine bottle safety label, there must be enough space to put the magnetic bar, which is generally made into a triangular shape.

EAS AM safety wine bottle security tag

The length of the string of the wine bottle safety label is generally 17 cm. Of course, this length can be customized or increased.

 EAS AM safe milk powder safety tag

The EAS AM safe milk powder safety label is different from the wine bottle safety label in that the length of the rope is longer than the length of the wine bottle safety label.

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EAS RF security hard tag 

EAS RF tags generally contain coils, which are flat, so RF tags are generally flat.The most common EAS RF security tag is the square tag, which is the most common RF security tag.Of course, there are many other shapes of EAS RF hard tags, let's look at them one by one.

1.EAS RF Square Security Hard Tag

EAS RF square security hard tags are the most common RF tags.

EAS RF Square Hard Tag

Regarding the EAS RF square tags, there is also a difference in size. There are mini square tags and normal small square tags and large square tags.

 EAS RF Square Hard Tag

Regarding the EAS RF square tag, we can make different colors, such as white and red and blue and yellow, etc. Of course, we can also print customized patterns and LOGO on the tags.

2.EAS RF  wine bottle security tag

As mentioned above, the coils contained in the RF tag are all flat, so the wine bottle tag is also flat.

EAS RF wine bottle safety tag

EAS RF Infant Formula Safety tag

EAS Security Soft Label
EAS soft label is also another important EAS accessory, it is also part of often used with EAS anti-theft antenna.The following introduces some knowledge about EAS soft tags.
1.Normal EAS Soft AM Sticker

EAS Soft AM Sticker is a very important part of EAS AM system.It has several common aliases, namely EAS AM soft label, EAS AM long strip security label, DR soft label and so on.The most important parts of the EAS AM soft label are the internal chip and the glue used for pasting.

The internal chips can generally be divided into two and three chips. Please see the picture below. Each label will have a metal chip. In addition, two or three chips can be added respectively.

The appearance of the label can be barcoded or blank or can be printed with logo.
2.EAS AM waterproof soft label

Because there are some liquid products, it is inconvenient to put ordinary DR labels, you need to put in waterproof soft labels, waterproof soft labels have a layer of waterproof plastic film on the outside.But its internal and ordinary DR label is the same, and it can also be divided into two-chip and three-chip.

3.Embedded EAS AM soft label

Embedded EAS AM safety soft label refers to a soft label with a pointed tip at one end, which can be inserted into the packaging box of the product.

4.Safety soft label that comes with clothing

The safety soft label that comes with the clothing means that the safety label will be sewn when the clothing leaves the factory. In order to prevent loss in the clothing factory, this type of label is sewn with a non-woven shell outside the ordinary DR label, and then Sew the non-woven fabric label on the garment, and the non-woven fabric can be printed with the LOGO that the customer wants.

EAS RF Soft Label
The principle of EAS RF soft label is similar to AM soft label, both of which are directly attached to the surface of the product.EAS RF soft tags can be divided into different shapes and sizes. Generally, they can be divided into 4*4cm square, 3*3cm square, 4cm diameter round or other size rectangles.
 4*4cm square rf soft label

3*4cm square rf soft label

 Oval RF soft label

RF Optical soft label

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