Some knowledge about anti-theft tag

Some knowledge about anti-theft tag
What the inside of the anti-theft tag looks like?
Many people don’t know if they noticed the anti-theft tag placed on their clothes when they were shopping in the clothing store, but the shapes and functions of the anti-theft tag are the same. Someone must be wondering what the inside of the anti-theft tag looks like. Today, the editor of Bohang opened an anti-theft buckle with the help of an engineer. Now I will tell you what its internal structure looks like. Come take a look.
Professional composition inside the tag
Garment anti-theft tag mainly include acoustic magnetic anti-theft tag and radio frequency anti-theft tag. However, whether it is AM or RF frequency, the principle is to use the magnetic principle to prevent theft. Usually a complete anti-theft tag is generally composed of a steel pin, a plastic shell, a lock The core is composed of cores, and the lock cylinder is a relatively important part. It is a simple device formed by three steel balls, a steel ring and a spring. The steel ball is normally closed by the spring thrust. When the steel needle is inserted, the steel ball is tightly locked in the steel. The gap of the needle; and the release is actually a super strong magnet. When it is placed on the magnetic buckle, the magnet sucks the three steel balls in the lock core and the three steel balls holding the steel needle away from the steel needle, and the steel needle can Pull out from the magnetic button smoothly. The entire process does not damage its internal and external structure, so that the reuse of the anti-theft buckle can be guaranteed.
Bohang AM 58Khz hard tag
Bohang RF 8.2Mhz hard tag
Ink tag 
Another difference is the ink anti-theft tag. Its internal structure is actually the same as the ordinary anti-theft tag. The difference is that in addition to the anti-theft steel needle, plastic shell, and lock core, it also has several small tubes of ink. Its special function is that when someone wants to forcefully open the anti-theft tag, the ink will spill out and splash on the goods and theft. This ink cannot be washed out, so it is easy for the anti-loss personnel in the store to find that it.The anti-theft effect is much stronger than the ordinary anti-theft tag. 
The performance of the tag is related to the material and production process of the tag.The tag of Bohang are selected from the latest ABS materials and the most mature production processes. Bohang security tag is all made of brand new ABS material, which is resistant to pressure and will not break when hit with a hammer.Please look at the video below.
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