Smart watch anti-theft and smart bracelet anti-theft

Introduction to smart watches and smart bracelets
Now smart watches and smart bracelets have become more and more popular with the public, just like mobile phones, they have become an indispensable part of people's lives.Do you know the difference between smart watches and smart bracelets and their respective characteristics?

 1. Appearance

Smart watches and smart bracelets are smart wearable products, which are clusters of sensor chips that implement their basic functions with the help of smart phones. The so-called smart watches are built-in smart systems in the watch, equipped with a mobile phone system and connected to the network. Realize some functions of the mobile phone. Therefore, first, there must be a screen, and second, there must be time. This is the most basic element of a watch.

Some people say that the watch must be round and the bracelet must be ring-shaped. In response to this point of view, the editor feels that it is not too important, because the external form is not the essence of judging the substance.

Some smart watches are ring-shaped, and some smart bracelets are round. However, it is recommended to adopt the arc-shaped ID design concept, which can cleverly use the human visual error, and the arc-shaped bottom of the bracelet is close to the skin, which is particularly comfortable to wear. The use of curved frames eliminates the rugged and heavy visual impression of the bracelet. Let fashion and technology better combine, decorate and beautify our arms and overall image.
2. Function

The most fundamental difference between a smart watch and a smart bracelet is its function.

First of all, a smart watch is a watch. The basic function of a watch is time. Therefore, every smart watch must have time, and the time must be displayed on the screen. Therefore, the reason why the smart watch must have a screen.

Secondly, the smart watch can use its internal intelligent system to synchronize calls, text messages, emails, photos, music, etc. in the mobile phone via Bluetooth. At present, smart watches on the market can be roughly divided into two categories: those that use Bluetooth to connect without a call function; the other is that they can install a SIM card for long-distance calls, in layman's terms, they are smart phones in the form of watches.

The smart bracelet uses its internal sensor chip to collect human physiological function information, which is mainly used for health monitoring, mainly including exercise step, sleep monitoring, heart rate detection, fall determination, sedentary reminder and other information. Built-in GPS for data transmission, and synchronize these data to mobile phones and other terminal devices, and use the data to guide the role of healthy living.
3. Battery life

Smart bracelet functions are generally simpler than watches, so the battery life of the bracelet is generally longer than that of the watch, and the volume is smaller. For example, the Xiaomi bracelet is generally 20-30 days, while the smart watch such as Huami watch is 5 Around days.
4. The price

The market price of smart watches is mostly around 1,000 yuan, which is the average smart watch price. Of course, there are also brands that focus on fashion, such as Apple, which have higher prices. Apple Watch Series 2 aluminum alloy materials are priced at 3188 RMB, stainless steel materials are priced at 4588 yuan, and precision ceramics are priced at 9988 yuan.

The low-end market is currently the main driving force for sports bracelets, 40% of which are sold for less than US$100. For example, the price of MiBand in China is only US$15. Of course, professional sports bracelet products are not included here. To some extent, smart bracelets have become a typical popular product in the smart wearable market, and the hundred yuan market has become the main market for domestic smart bracelets.

Summary: The above is the difference between a smart watch and a smart bracelet. Many people ask, should you buy a smart bracelet or a smart watch? For this question, you should carefully watch the above content and see the product according to your own needs. It is more appropriate to purchase the function. In fact, you mainly pay attention to the appearance. If you only want to make a picture convenient and don't care about appearance, then the bracelet is best for you. If you want more functions and suitable for various occasions, then the fashionable smart watch is definitely the choice.

Smart watch anti-theft and smart bracelet anti-theft device
Smart watch anti-theft and smart bracelet anti-theft devices are an essential part of retail security display anti-theft. Although they are not as widely used as smart phone anti-theft, they also play an essential role in the market.
Rechargeable anti-theft device refers to the installation of a charging chip on the anti-theft bracket.This charging chip can be divided into different types of charging for Huawei Watch and Apple Watch according to different brands.
The non-rechargeable anti-theft security bracket is to put the watch or bracelet directly on the anti-theft security bracket. Only the anti-theft mounting bracket can be charged, but the watch or bracelet cannot be charged.
The following introduces the styles of two rechargeable and non-rechargeable watch anti-theft security devices.
Non-rechargeable watch security anti-theft stand

The non-rechargeable watch security anti-theft bracket refers to that the anti-theft security bracket can be charged but cannot charge the smart watch.

Watch security anti-theft device with charging function

This watch security anti-theft device with charging function will provide a chip that can charge the watch, which can be a charging chip from Huawei or Apple.

So this is a Huawei smart watch anti-theft security stand with charging function or iWatch anti-theft security device.

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