Retail supermarket anti-theft system solution

The installation of an electronic security system is essential for retail stores. So how to choose and install

When the retail store chooses the application installation plan of the EAS product electronic anti-theft system, it is mainly based on the following aspects.
1.The size of thes tore
For large and medium-sized retail stores, the larger the storefront, the higher the cost of anti-theft. Therefore, the cost can be reduced as much as possible while ensuring the safety of goods. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the cashier channel type anti-theft system.

The advantages of this program:
1. Meet safety regulations
A large supermarket belongs to a public place. The flow of people is large and the population is relatively dense. In the event of a fire or other accident, it must be ensured that the customer can evacuate to a safe area within the first time. Therefore, the installation of the eas system can no longer be the door of the safe passage. Otherwise, in the event of a fire accident, the inability to evacuate in time will bring huge risks to the supermarket. So choosing to install an anti-theft system at the cashier is the best option.

2. Improve accuracy
According to statistics, many supermarket eas detection systems have false positives. It caused unnecessary misunderstandings between the store and the customer. In order to prevent this phenomenon from appearing. The cashier will handle the alarm problem for the first time, and rely on experience to judge whether it is a false alarm caused by the failure and reduce the occurrence of misunderstanding.

3. Shocking the thief
Channel-based anti-theft systems can make these thieves feel uneasy and let them abandon the idea of ​​theft. Improve the security.

The general entrance protection method is adopted for general small supermarkets and specialty stores.
Most of the small supermarkets are less than one hundred square meters in size, and the checkout counters are generally located near the door. So just put this anti-theft system at the entrance.
According to the advantages and disadvantages of each system
Common anti-theft systems have
The three most common types of radiofrequency technology, acoustic-magnetic technology, and electromagnetic technology. But not every physical technology is perfect, they all have their own advantages and disadvantages.
The system's detection rate and false-positive rate are the two most important indicators to measure the performance of the technology and equipment. The detection rate refers to the ability of the EAS detection antenna to detect a certain size of the tag within the design installation width. The field distribution of the detection antenna is not uniform, and the detection rate of the normal system should be above 85%. The concept of the false-positive rate has always been more ambiguous. Generally speaking, it is more suitable for the explanation of the shopping mall. It is the number of false alarms generated by the detection antenna under normal use and caused by environmental or non-theft-proof label objects. In everyday real life, an object similar to an electronic anti-theft tag can often be found, and when the object passes through the detecting antenna, a false alarm is inevitably generated.

Radio frequency (RF) system
1. Quick scan. The RFID recognizer can identify and read multiple RFID tags at the same time!
2. Small size and various shapes. The size and shape of the RFID are not limited, and it does not need to match the fixed size and print quality of the paper when reading.
3. Anti-pollution ability and durability. Traditional barcode carriers are paper-based and therefore susceptible to contamination, but RFID is highly resistant to water, oil, and chemicals.
4. It can be reused. Today, barcodes cannot be changed after they are printed. RFID tags can be added repeatedly to modify and delete data stored in RFID tags to facilitate information updates.
6. Data has a large storage capacity. The one-dimensional barcode has a capacity of 50 bytes, the two-dimensional barcode has a maximum capacity of 2 to 3000 characters and the maximum RFID capacity in megabytes. With the development of storage carriers, the data capacity is also expanding. The amount of information carried in the future will increase, and the demand for volume expansion will increase accordingly.
7. Security. Because RFID carries electronic information, its data content can be password protected, making it's content difficult to forge and change.

Electromagnetic (EM) system
The advantage is that the label is the smallest, the concealment is strong, the label is cheap, and the degaussing can be repeated, which is suitable for the protection of specific products such as books. The application environment is mainly located in libraries, libraries, audiovisual stores, and the like.
The acoustic-magnetic system tuning fork causes resonance only when the oscillation frequency is the same. AcoustoMagnetic is an application of this physical principle that achieves almost zero false positives. Resonance occurs when the acoustic-magnetic system tag attached to the product enters the detection area of ​​the system, but the system only issues an alarm after the receiver receives four consecutive resonance signals (1/1 second).

Acoustic Magnetic (AM) system
The acoustic magnetic system features a high anti-theft detection rate, almost zero false alarm, no metal foil shielding, good anti-interference and wide exit protection (the single system can protect 4 meters wide).
Electromagnetic (EM) systems are used by retail chains, supermarkets, and libraries around the world. Using this technique, a magnetic strip with iron and an adhesive layer is applied to the surface of the product. You do not need to remove this magnetic strip when you check out - you can disable the scanner by using a specific strong magnetic field. A big advantage of the EM magnetic strip is that it can be reactivated and used at a low cost.
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