Multifunctional security display anti-theft device

Definition of security display
Security display is one of the retail security anti-theft systems,which includes mobile phone anti-theft display and tablet security display and laptop computer security display and anti-theft of its accessories, such as headphones and microphones, etc.
With the continuous updating of mobile phone and computer styles, like iphone and Huawei, etc., which have been already the brands that almost people all over the world know.And the anti-theft devices of these products are constantly being updated.The anti-theft device has gradually developed from a simple anti-theft to a multi-functional product that is both beautiful and anti-theft.
The following introduces the types and functions of security display anti-theft from various aspects.
At present, the best brands in this industry are INVUE and MTI.Just like what they wrote on the official website,

InVue is a global technology company that provides retailers and brands with innovative merchandising, software and security solutions. 
MTI has been a global leader in retail merchandising and services for more than 40 years.

But in recent years, more and more consumers have chosen the security and anti-theft devices produced in China.Chinese suppliers' secuirty display products have already occupied a large market share in this industry.Here is a brief introduction to multi-functional security and anti-theft devices from Chinese manufacturer.
Standalone style security display anti-theft stand
In general, standalone  anti-theft devices are more used and more classic, which has the most types, and many types are updated every year.Its function is to prevent theft and charge the product.We can choose different cables according to the type of product being protected, including rechargeable and non-rechargeable, and rechargeable cables include micro and typec and lightning. Non-rechargeable cables can be with lanyard and contact types.
 Phone anti theft stand

 Tablet anti theft device

 Camera anti theft device

3C series anti theft device

Multi-port alarm host
In general, multi-port hosts have 2 and 4 and 6 and 8 and 10 controller hosts.Customers can choose which host to use according to their needs.The host can also be divided into Bluetooth remote control and infrared remote control.We can choose different cables according to different types of needs. If we need a bracket to put the product, we need to equip an extra bracket.
 Laptop anti-theft

There are two kinds of cables that can be selected, one is the USB interface cable that can charge the laptop, and the other is the cable with contacts and 3M sticker as shown.

 Mobile phone anti-theft

According to the type of mobile phone, you can choose different bracket base.Then the cable can also choose Micro and Typec and Lightning.

 Headset anti-theft

The earphone cable can be rechargeable or with contacts and 3M sticker cable.

 Type of charge controller host

The host can choose 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 ports, and the remote control method can choose Bluetooth or infrared.

Many times, a host controller can solve the anti-theft problem of many products, only need to be equipped with different cables.You can protect your phone and tablet and other 3c products at the same time.This method is the most cost-effective, because a host with some cables can solve the anti-theft problem of many products.This is a simple demo video that basically illustrates basic operations.
New simple controller host
However, there are some shops where there may not be so many products that need to be protected, or the Shopkeeper finds that the placement of the host is more troublesome.So we studied the following simple and easy to operate anti-theft devices.This simple anti-theft device contains replaceable button batteries,It can be easily placed and disassembled for more convenient operation.We can also choose different cables according to different products.
You can use the lanyard to hang any product that needs protection
The contact cable can be applied to those products that have no charging port and no easy to be lanyard
Can be applied to those electronic products with charging ports
In addition, we also specialize in a series of security and anti-theft display series for laptop computers.This makes laptop anti-theft easier and more robust.
Anti-theft for laptops with detachable keyboard.
For laptop computers that cannot disassemble the keyboard, it is anti-theft and protects the stylus simultaneously.
Alarm device that can be connected to mobile phones and accessories at the same time
This anti-theft device is a popular type in recent years. It can save both cost and space. Can meet the anti-theft and charging of two products at the same time.The anti-theft device can perform both security anti-theft functions and aslo as a charging controller to provide a charging function for accessories.

Anti-theft device with mobile phone connected to audio

Anti-theft device with mobile phone connected to earphone

Anti-theft device connecting mobile phone to other small 3C products
General anti-theft devices can be divided into Bluetooth and infrared remote control, the distance of Bluetooth remote control is farther than the distance of infrared, and a Bluetooth remote control can control multiple anti-theft devices, while infrared can only be a remote control corresponding to an anti-theft device . Therefore, Bluetooth-style anti-theft devices are generally more expensive than infrared.
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