Introduction of various eas hard tags

The EAS hard tag is an accessory of the EAS system and an indispensable part of the EAS system. It should be used together with the EAS antenna and the detacher.Different fields will use different EAS tags. Because they have different needs and uses, their functions and shapes are also different.
In general, what types of EAS tags are divided into? Let me introduce the types of various EAS tags to you.
EAS RF Square Hard Tag
The security square hard tag is a more common type of EAS hard tag.Square tag is divided into normal square tag, mini square tag and big square tag.They are distinguished by the side length of the tag.Different types of square tags have different detection effects, and the detection distance effect of large square tags is the best.
EAS pencil hard tag
EAS Security pencil tags are divided into mini pencil tag, large pencil tag and ordinary pencil tag.Different tags correspond to different detection distances. Mini tags have the shortest detection distance, and large tags have the largest detection distance.
Mini pencil tag

Large pencil tag

EAS Super Security tag
EAS super security tag is a tag that is different from other tags unlocking methods. It needs a special unlocking device, that is, a handheld detacher device or an electric detacher device.
EAS ink security tag
EAS ink tags are generally divided into two types, one is the ink tag with a needle, and the other is the ink tag without a needle, which requires another needle.
Integrated Ink tag

Integrated ink tag means that its needle and tag are integrated,

EAS Ink tag pin

The split ink needle means that there is only one ink needle, and then it can be used with other tags.

EAS self-alarm tag
The self-alarm tag means that this tag can not only alarm when passing the EAS antenna, but also alarm when the tag is damaged.It is generally applied to relatively high-end products.EAS spider tag is also a kind of self-alarm tag.
EAS optical security tag
Optical tags are also the tags that require special detacher,it can also be divided into AM tags and RF tags.
EAS glasses security tag
EAS optical security tag
EAS golf club tags
A golf club tag is a type of tag used on golf clubs. It has two main shapes and can be divided into AM(58Khz) and RF(8.2Mhz) frequencies.
Golf Club Security Hard Tag

EAS Golf Club Security Hard Tag

EAS rfid tags
EAS RFID tags can be divided into hard tags and soft labels.RFID tags can write data and read data.It is widely used in storage and factory management.
There are many shapes and types of EAS hard tags, but their working principles are basically the same. For more questions about EAS hard tags, please contact me.
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