Increased market demand for global burglar alarms

At present, in the market share of the burglar alarm, 40% of the output value is created by product sales, and 60% of the output value is created by security engineering services. In recent years, the burglar alarm market has maintained a steady upward trend as a whole, with the mid-end market growing significantly, the high-end market slightly improving, and the low-end market gradually shrinking. This shows that the quality of the global burglar alarm industry is gradually increasing.
Global burglar alarm products market demand surge
With the development of countries, the global burglar alarm system has expanded in various regions, industries and fields. Demand has increased rapidly. Anti-theft alarm products continue to maintain a good momentum of development, the overall market size has expanded

China's alarm products are gradually shifting to large-capacity, network, intelligent, systematic and multi-functional, and gradually promoted to overseas markets.

In terms of market demand, there is a great demand for developing countries. In particular, the demand for projects such as new campuses under construction in universities and university towns in various places is relatively large; for factories, mines, and civilians, it is in the initial stage of two fields, and each has its own characteristics. The civil field pays more attention to the beauty of the products and the ease of service and operation, and the market is mainly concentrated in a large number of new residential areas. Due to the large size of the factory and the outdoor, the perimeter prevention system is the focus of its development.

The cultural knowledge of developing countries is not high enough, and the phenomenon of people stealing goods is more serious. In order to improve the safety protection of products, the cost of manpower management is reduced. Gradually adopt the anti-theft system. For supermarkets, shopping malls, libraries, etc., it is an important management area.
Anti-theft alarm intelligence is unstoppable
The current technical development of the anti-theft alarm system mainly focuses on the following points: such as improving product anti-destruction, anti-lightning surge, anti-jamming, and other performance; adding more functions, convenient installation, debugging and use, such as adjustable frequency of the detector, Set the detection area, prevent occlusion, anti-destruction, wireless connection between detector and host; more convenient installation and debugging, wireless connection between detector and host, simplify installation and construction workload, adapt to various household users.

Towards more intelligent development, such as increasing regional management, voice reminders, biometrics technology disarming, alarm automatic MMS pictures, remote control and other technologies; more networking methods, 

For example, from the previous single telephone network to the IP network network, wireless GSM / GPRS network, VPN dedicated line network, etc.; through network encryption technology, data can be more secure, the master-slave backup function between wired and wireless can make the alarm transmission faster, more reliable, more powerful integration and scalability.

Command output of various alarm content, links with other objects such as video surveillance, access control, etc., to achieve coordination and unification between systems, making alarm security more automated, intelligent, secure and further preventable.
Brand and quality become the road to the rise of burglar alarm
According to the development trend of the alarm market in Europe and the United States, China's alarm industry still has a long way to go. Amid the global economic downturn, the industry began to shift its focus to emerging markets.

Brand awareness and partners have become the new direction of enterprise development, but the domestic alarm market will be more chaotic after the reshuffle.

At present, the development of foreign brand alarms has reached a stable state in China, and traditional consumers still have a reputation for stability and a low false-positive rate. If domestic products are to be countered, I am afraid it will take a lot of thought. Relying on the advantages of localization, it is also a good idea to improve the after-sales service of products.
In the case of Chinese burglar alarm system manufacturers, high-quality after-sales service is undoubtedly the best-added value for consumers and the best way for them to maintain buyers.

At the same time, in the case of price pressure, manufacturers must provide cost-effective products. It has also been said that a single technology intrusion detector will inevitably face the situation of being eliminated by the market. This requires manufacturers to expand market integration applications, rather than concentrating on a single production product. 

The entire alarm system no longer operates as a separate detector but instead transmits a signal to the sensor via a network connection. This is a market trend.
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