How to use anti-theft tags

Which products need anti-theft labels

Not all products require anti-theft tags. We need to decide whether to use the tags according to the actual situation of the product. For example, the profit of the product is relatively large, the volume is small, it is easy to be stolen, and it is very popular. Anti-theft labels can be used for such products.

For some low-value products, such as beverages and snacks, you can use patrol to view them. No need for anti-theft tags.


Precautions when attaching anti-theft labels

1. The supervisor or authorized person of the loss prevention department supervises the pasting or installation of the cooperative department.

2: Location of the anti-theft label: It is placed next to or on the same side of the bar code or self-code of the product. It is strictly prohibited to cover the bar code or self-code. It can be affixed to the back of the label.

3. It is strictly forbidden to stick the label at the corner or to intentionally fold it and cover the product description.

4: The products with a relatively high price are the main targets for the products to be labeled. Other products are sampled and pasted.

5. When attaching labels, please pay attention to prevent repeated labeling and waste.

6. Under the same conditions, attach the label to the bottom of the product where it is naturally placed.

7. Avoid labeling on metal packaging. Do not stick the label directly on the metal packaging or on a surface less than 2 cm away from the metal surface (such as gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum, tin, platinum, tin foil).

8. No person in the shopping mall may keep the label without permission, otherwise it will be treated as burglary.

9. Request unused labels and discarded labels to be returned to the damage prevention department.

10: Prevent human loss during labeling.

11. Don't ask others to help stick the label.

12. Do not use multiple soft labels for one product (unless it is an anti-theft measure that is intentionally repeated for the product itself)


Anti-theft tag decoding requirements

1. Any paid product must be decoded.

The second item is that a single product operation must be performed during the decoding operation, and the entire product must be guaranteed to be in the decoding area.

3: The product must be placed in the anti-theft tag decoding range, the price must be scanned, and the product must be passed within the anti-theft decoding range to make the label invalid after reading (the height is within 15 cm, which means a soft tag).

4. Switch the power supply of the device according to the commute time.

5. When the decoding equipment fails to work normally, it must not be disassembled and repaired without authorization, and the maintenance personnel of the anti-theft equipment should be notified.

6. For the goods protected by hard tags, remove the hard tags from the goods with a pull-out decoder, place the hard tags, and reuse them.


Anti-theft label recycling regulations

1. The person authorized by the Loss Prevention Department is responsible for recycling.

2. Recycling personnel is not allowed to store the label privately and register the recycling situation, and submit it to the department head in time.

The third item is to check whether the number of decades and the number of tag collections match each other.

4. The daily summary of the hard label recovery quantity is presented to the person in charge of the Loss Prevention Department to verify the actual sales of the department and analyze it.


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