How to prevent theft of laptop?

There are two ways to prevent theft of laptop computers, one is physical theft prevention, and the other is a live anti-theft wire.Let's introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the two different anti-theft methods and the characteristics of use.The charged security anti-theft device is divided into independent security anti-theft device and multi-port security anti-theft host.
Physical anti-theft bracket for laptop
The physical anti-theft means that there is no need to provide power, just an external shelf, which can also be locked.The advantage of physical anti-theft is absolute safety, because it uses a mechanical locking method, but the disadvantage is that it occupies a large space and is not conducive to the customer's trial experience.
Laptop security anti-theft bracket

The lock can be adjusted according to the size of the laptop, and the laptop can be completely fixed with the lock.

 Laptop security lock

This wire can be locked on the table and fixed on the table with adding another layer of protection to the protection of laptops.

Independent laptop security protection bracket
Independent laptop security protection bracket means that an independent anti-theft security device protects a laptop separately.
Independent laptop anti-theft security device

This independent laptop anti-theft security device means that this device can protect a laptop separately. This device does not have a charging device, but contains a rechargeable battery that can be replaced when the battery is used up. Its advantage is that it can be used at any time, instead of having to be near a place with a power source.

Independent laptop security anti-theft device

This is also an independent laptop anti-theft device, but it has a branch that can protect the keyboard.

The multi-port host security and anti-theft for aptop computer
Multi-port host security and anti-theft can be simultaneously applied to multiple areas such as mobile phone security and tablet security and headset security and theft.This kind of multi-port host is generally divided into 2-port host, 4-port host, 6-port host, 8-port host and 10-port host.When using, put the host under the table, and then extend the cable through the hole to the top of the table, and then put the product that needs to be protected, if it is a mobile phone or a tablet, you need to put a bracket. If it is a laptop computer, you only need to put a cable to connect it to the computer, and you don't need to put a bracket.
Laptop anti-theft is also one of the retail anti-theft security series.Retail security anti-theft is a relatively important security series in modern society, which is distributed in various fields.
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