How to ensure the normal operation of the EAS system

The EAS system is an indispensable equipment for clothing stores and supermarkets, as well as major shopping malls. What should we do to ensure that the EAS system works normally every day? We have to operate from the following aspects.
I. Daily use and Test
EAS detector
1.Turn on the detector power first before starting the business every day, and the indicator light on the power controller is on.

2.Then the internal program of the EAS detector system performs a self-test. After the self-test is completed 30-90 seconds, the system enters normal operation.

3.The EAS system administrator can test the detector with a standard test card or a hard tag. The hand naturally hangs down, so that the test card or hard tag plane is level with the detector plane, and then passes through the detector at a normal speed starting at a distance of 1 meter from the detector. The detector should be able to trigger an alarm, the alarm sounds and the light flashes, indicating normal operation. If the system does not have an alarm, you can repeat the test several times.

4.Detector power or total power should be turned off after work every day.
1. Before working every day, first turn on the power of the decoder, the power indicator on the decoder is on, and the indicator on the decoder board is on.

2. Hold the test card or hard tag from the normal speed of the surface of the decoder board (5-10cm height), you should be able to hear the decoder sounding, indicating normal operation.

3.Hold a soft label, the other hand hold the hand-held detector, let the soft label slowly approach the hand-held detector until the hand-held detector sings, and then close to the decoder until the chime stops, indicating that the decoder is working properly.

4.The handheld detector slowly approaches the surface of the decoder and observes the red indicator light of the handheld detector. If the indicator light flashes continuously, the decoder is working normally.

5.If there are multiple decoders, then each decoder should be tested.

6.Turn off the detector and decoder power after each day of work.
II.Daily maintenance and precautions
Daily maintenance
1.The store should assign reliable employees to be responsible for daily inspection, use and maintenance, turn on the power before work every day, routinely test the performance of the equipment, make certain records, and turn off the system power after work every day.

2.Do not place any metal decorations or festive lights on the detector to prevent the system from working properly.

3.Do not place liquids or beverages on the electronic components of equipment such as detectors and decoders to prevent liquid spillage from affecting the system, causing the equipment to be shorted or damaged.

4.Do not climb the  detection antenna to prevent damage to the system.

5.Devices such as detection antennas and decoders and dedicated power controllers cannot be covered by plastic bags and packaging boxes, so as not to affect the heat dissipation of electronic circuits.

6.Detectors and decoders are all precision electronic devices. They should be protected from water immersion. If they are soaked in water, they should be turned off immediately and blown dry at a low temperature or dried naturally before use.

7.When clean the appearance of the antenna, do not spray water or detergent directly. Wipe it with a damp towel and wipe gently.

8.Don't talk about technical issues about the system in front of unrelated people.
1.All tags cannot be attached directly to metal objects and products with metal film packaging.
Acoustic magnetic soft labels can be attached to items with tin foil packaging, but be sure to paste them after testing.

Solution: Metal products should be used with hard tag, and some can be protected with rope. It is best to pack the foil    in the carton and attach the label to the carton.

2.Bundles of wire and cable may cause an alarm when passing through the detector, but the acousto-magnetic device    is generally unaffected.

3.If the voltage changes indefinitely or the variation is too large, it may cause the device to self-sound. Without good grounding, the performance of the device may be degraded or even not working properly.

Solution: Single independent power supply, the supermarket should pay attention to not share power with the system when adding equipment; add a regulated power supply (UPS).

4.Equipment changes in the supermarket may cause the equipment to work unsteadily. For example, when adding various devices or moving shelves or when wiring on the ceiling or ground.
Solution: Try not to place too many other devices next to the EAS system.

5.Undecoded goods purchased by customers in other stores will cause the eas antenna alarm, such as wallets and handbags
Solution: Some things are taken by the deposit method or checked by the security guard.

6.Electrical equipment during construction may interfere with the normal operation of the EAS system.
Solution: Do not construct or temporarily turn off the power system during business hours.

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