How to choose shop anti system?

   How to choose security system?

Are you still worried about how to choose a shop anti system? Don't know which security system to choose? This article will give you a better answer. With the increasing popularity of clothing chain stores and all kinds of small, medium and large supermarkets, the phenomenon of commodity loss is becoming more and more serious. How to solve this problem and protect the safety of shopping malls has also attracted more retailers' attention.

EAS system is one of the commodity security measures widely adopted in the world. EAS was born in the mid-1960s in the United States, and now EAS has been extended to various industries, especially supermarkets and clothing chains.EAS not only changes the traditional way of "people watching people" before, but also uses technological means to prevent the loss of merchandises more effectively and improve the economic benefits of merchants.EAS system mainly consists of detector (detection system), decoder (demagnetizer) and electronic tag.When the user purchases the commodity anti-theft system, the consideration most basically is the price, the quality and the after-sales service these three aspects. Users who think about price may buy some cheap knockoffs, while users who don't think about price buy brands with good reputation, so they have a variety of choices.

   EAS system performance

         The performance indexes of the EAS system are analyzed as follows:
(1)Detection rate:Detection rate refers to the number of alarms that are issued when a unit number of valid tags pass through different locations in the detection area in different directions.The system with low detection rate is very likely to fail to report when goods are taken out, so it is not difficult to see that the high and low detection rate is one of the indicators evaluating the quality of the burglar alarm system.

(2)System of false positives:The system false alarm refers to the alarm triggered by the non-anti-theft tag.Items without labels that trigger alarms can be difficult for staff to judge and can cause embarrassment or even conflict for customers. Obviously looking at the false positives rate is the key when choosing a system.

(3) Resistance to metal interference:The main effect of metal-containing articles on the EAS system is to shield the sensor tag, which will lead to the failure of the system monitoring device to detect effective tags or the decrease of detection sensitivity, and the system cannot normally send an alarm.

(4) Ability to resist environmental interference:When the equipment is interfered (mainly by the power supply and the surrounding noise), the system will send out the alarm signal when no one goes by or when no trigger alarm items go by. This phenomenon is called false alarm or self-alarm.

(5) Protect the width:In addition to the protection of the mall security system to consider the width, but also to consider whether convenient customer access, to avoid the width between the support is too narrow. And generally speaking, malls want to make entrances and exits as spacious as possible.

(6) Anti-theft label performance:Anti-theft label is also an important part of electronic anti-theft system. The performance of the label affects the performance of the system.

(7) Degaussing equipment:The reliability and maneuverability of demagnetization equipment is also an important factor in choosing an anti-theft system.

(8) Type of Commodity protection:Generally, the goods in the mall can be divided into two categories. One category is "soft" goods with hard labels, such as clothes and towels, which can be recycled. One category is "hard" goods protected by soft labels, such as cosmetics and shampoos.

  Other aspects of EAS

  EAS systems are used in various industries, such as amusement parks, libraries, supermarkets, mobile phone stores, etc., and are recognized and recognized by a wide range of businesses.However, the security industry always advocates the organic combination of technical defense and civil defense, EAS is no exception. Therefore, when the user purchases, the supplier should provide to the customer the unexpected situation that may appear at that time, for the convenience of the user to solve; Businesses should also further enhance the quality of employees in training, as humanized as possible to deal with the possible problems; Customers also need to understand the limitations of technology and cooperate with merchants to solve it, which can reduce unnecessary disputes and troubles.


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