How to burglar for golf club


                                      How to burglar for golf club?

Today, let me talk about one of the retail security systems - how to burglar for golf club.

The origin of golf
Golf, consisting of four acronyms for English vocabulary. They are: Green, Oxygen, Light, Friendship. It is a sport that combines the pleasures of nature, physical exercise and games. Golf is a ball game that hits the ball with a stick. Today, modern golf has become synonymous with aristocratic sports.
Golf originated in Scotland in the 15th century. At that time, the shepherds used the sticks of the sheep to play a game of hitting stones. They were more likely than those who hit the ball. This game later evolved into a golf ball.

Golf course requirements

(1) The land should meet the characteristics and technical requirements of golf entertainment activities, and should choose convenient, beautiful environment, green vegetation and lush and pollution-free areas.

(2) In addition to the main stadium, the golf course should also include practice grounds, club halls, logistics services, management offices, parking lots, etc., and resort facilities, swimming pools and other recreational facilities, etc., if needed.

(3) The golf course needs to have a relatively wide lawn. Generally, it should be set up in a hilly gentle slope area, covering an area of ​​about 65,000 to 70,000 square meters. The height difference of the fairway at the fairway is 10~20m.

(4) The regular course should be divided into 18 venues of different sizes and shapes. Each site consists of a kickoff, fairway, green and hole. The distance from the kickoff to the hole is between 548m. The total length of the standard course is 5943m to 6400m, and the width is variable. There should be a boundary mark around the course, and the boundary piles should be set in key sections. Each sub-site covers an area of ​​3 to 3.5 square meters.

(5) The tee-off table is the lawn for kick-off. There are two spherical marks on the table, which are about 4.5m apart. The connection between the two marks is called the kick-off line. The tee-off table generally has an area of ​​30 to 150 square meters, which is about 0.3 to 1.0 m higher than the surrounding surface. The surface is a trimmed short grass with a certain hardness and a smooth surface. Generally, there are two kick-off tables for each hole, which are used by male and female players. For the official competition, a third tee is also required. The hole should be higher than the tee, but should not exceed 20m.

(6) The green is the area where the hole is located, and its plane is mostly free shape with a circular or elliptical shape. The surface is planted with high-quality turf, and it is trimmed and compacted, with gentle slopes and undulations, so that the ball can be on the field. Scroll unimpeded.

(7) From the kickoff to the green and the hole is a flat fairway with a minimum width of 30m, usually 40~50m, planted with short turf. The fairway is a rough area. The lightly rough area near the fairway is 2~3m wide, that is, the weeds with short cuts, and the outer side is a heavy rough area, which is natural grass or wood, etc.

(8) The basic equipment of golf balls includes balls, clubs and tees. The ball is made of colloidal material with a diameter of not less than 4.16cm and a weight of 45.93g. The hitting rod is divided into two types: wood and iron. The length is 5 and 9 respectively. The club consists of three parts: the club head, the pole base and the pole. The length is 0.91~1.29m. In the venue, bunkers, ponds, creeks, etc. may be intentionally formed to form an obstacle zone to increase the interest of hitting the ball and enrich the landscape of the site.

(9) Reasonably arrange the fairways of different lengths. The length of the fairways is generally calculated according to the standard number of bars. The men are 3 to 5 poles and the women are 3 to 6 poles. Usually there are 4 holes in the field, 10 holes in the 4 holes, and 4 holes in the 5 holes.

anti theft system for golf club Bohang China
Anti-theft for Golf club
For golf sport, the price of golf clubs is more expensive. For the club, it is necessary to provide good protection . Today I will introduce you to the three types  security tags of the golf clubs.
How to burglar for golf club
How to burglar for golf club
How to burglar for golf club
So how do you use these security tags? Please see the picture below. They can be placed in three parts of the golf club.
 golf club security tag Bohang
golf club tag Bohang
So how do we open these security tags? It requires a certain GS unlocker, like this.
 golf club security tag unlocker
If you have any need for help, please contact me.
EAS system anti theft system Bohang
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