How to Use Deactivator and Detacher correctly

Many customers, when receiving deactivator or detacher, say they won't use videos that need to be operated on. I believe many people are not familiar with how to use deactivator and detache correctly. Now, Bohang Xiaobian will show you how to use it.


Cashier's drawing and demagnetization:

The most important operation of hard tag is to use magnetic nail fetcher to fetch labels. First, hold the label on the commodity in your left hand, face up, and the raised part is aligned with the center of the nail retriever.


Then, Make the label close to the nail remover, gently press the nail on the label with your right hand, and then pull out with the commodity. Remove the label from the nail remover and remove the label from the merchandise.


In this way, even if the nail removal operation is completed, there are several points that must be paid attention to:

1. The protruding part must be aligned with the center of the nail collector. If some labels are difficult to open, please try a little harder.


2. Removal of hard labels and tacks should be centralized for reuse.


3. Removal of labels and tacks should be separated and placed in two containers for reuse.


4. Because the label pins are very small, they should be kept properly so as not to be lost.

This is the correct procedure and precautions for using the detacher. It is easy to operate. These operations must be done by the cashier after the guest has paid for them. So we should also manage our employees well and prevent internal thieves.


The decoding operation of soft label first determines the position of the inductive label on the commodity. If the label is placed in concealment, the reference mark should be determined.


Then the side with the label or reference mark of the commodity should be as close as possible to the surface of the decoding board to ensure that the label can pass through the effective decoding area, and the general non-contact decoding area should be decoded at a distance.  


Between 5 and 15 centimeters on the surface of the board, large objects need to be decoded in many ways. Decoding speed should be controlled at one commodity per second, not too fast. Otherwise, incomplete label decoding may occur.


When an effective soft label passes through the decoding area, some decoders may have a drip of short tone prompt. The indicator lights change from red to green. Some decoder boards have indicator lights on the surface. The acoustic-magnetic decoder may have a sense of vibration.


If no sound is heard during normal decoding operation or only one short tone is emitted to indicate normal decoding, continuous dropping short tone is emitted to indicate that decoding action needs to be redone if normal decoding is not possible.


Do not place any objects in the effective decoding area, especially magnetic media, credit cards, telephone magnetic cards, audio or video tapes, in order to avoid the magnetic change of magnetic media caused by demagnetization, so that it can not be used.


Do not place items with hard labels in the effective decoding area of the decoder board for a long time in order to avoid damaging the decoder.

Through the above introduction, I believe you have a clear understanding of the correct use of decoders and unlockers. If you have any questions, please consult us.



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