How should the product anti-theft system handle the alarm?

Processing method after the product anti-theft system alarm
When the system issues an alarm, the security personnel or staff designated by the store should go forward as soon as possible, but be sure to pay attention to the following points:
A, the principle of treatment
1. You can't pull the customer by hand.
2. With a smile and simple words, let the other party know what you want to say in the shortest possible time.
3. Be careful not to talk in a tone that suspects that the customer has taken something. Avoid using words such as “suspiciousness,” “stealing,” “taking,” and “checking.”
4. It is best for security guards to stand at the exit to deal with customers when the system issues an alarm.
Processing flow
Unless the store has its own set of rules, we recommend that users use the following steps to deal with the customer when they leave the mall to cause an alarm:

1. With a smile, politely let the customer retreat outside the inspection area, and then politely said: "I'm sorry. You may have un-unlocked labels on the items you buy, please let us unlock the label." Remember not to use your hands. Get in touch with customers.

2. If the customer carries the goods, after obtaining the customer's consent, the hand-held customer's goods pass through the position of the detector receiving rod (note: be sure to make the product as close as possible to the receiving rod antenna), if the alarm is caused, the customer can be said : "There are labels in these products that have not been processed. Please follow me to the cashier to let the cashier handle it for you."

3. If the system is detected again, the system does not ring, and you should sincerely apologize to the customer. It is best to send the customer out of the door.

4. If the customer has other items from the mall, they should continue to test until all the goods have been 

5. If the customer does not carry any goods, they can remind the customer if they are shopping and forget to pay. If the customer replies: "Yes", ask him/her to return to the cashier to pay. If the customer replies: "No", still ask him/her to pass the system again to confirm, you can use the statement: "Sorry, can you cooperate with us to see what is the problem." If the system alarms again, Customers should be asked to find something that causes the system to ring. Use this statement: "Can you cooperate with us to find something that causes the system to alarm?"

6. If more than two customers leave the mall and the system alarms, the customer should be completely retired, stand outside the detection area of ​​the test support, and then process them in turn. Make sure that a customer causes a system alarm and then let other blocked customers pass the inspection system until they are processed.

7. If the other party insists that he has not bought anything and refuses to cooperate, we recommend that the store let him/her leave, but he/she already knows that the store has taken anti-theft measures, and generally he does not dare to come again. If the store decides to ask the police, it should be noted that at this stage it is only for the police to assist in finding the label, and it is not confirmed that he/she is stealing the store.
1. When the system alarms, it cannot be determined that the goods have been stolen. Sometimes the customer has paid the money, but the cashier has forgotten to remove or decode the label on the item. Sometimes due to operational reasons, the tag is not fully decoded and can cause system alarms. Therefore, under the circumstance that the customer has not admitted, the police have not confirmed or there is no conclusive evidence, he can't be sure that he has stolen something. He should avoid using any words with doubt that the other party is a thief.

2. Once it is confirmed that the customer is causing the alarm, the customer must be invited to the office for further inspection and processing in a very polite language. Do not check and deal with it in a large audience to minimize the psychological pressure on the customer.

3. The above inspections must be carried out by the customer voluntarily. If the customer refuses to accept the inspection, the store staff must use the customer as God principle and immediately release it to avoid disputes with the customer.
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