Everything you need to know about China Electronic article surveillance


Do you need information about electronic commodity monitoring systems in China?

Are you recently looking to purchase an eas system to increase the security of your products? Then this article can help you to understand China's electronic commodity monitoring system clearly and give some valuable opinions. Please read with patience!

What is Electronic article surveillance, how does it work?

Electronic Article Surveillance, also known as electronic product anti-theft (theft) system, is one of the commodity security measures widely used in large retail industries. 

The EAS system is mainly composed of a sensor (Sensor), a decoder (Deactivator) and an electronic label (Electronic Label and Tag).

The detection antenna is placed near the door, and a soft or hard tag is attached to the sold product. For products that exit the store door without being decoded or unlocked by the cashier, the detection antenna will automatically sound an alarm. This will notify the store staff that the store's goods have been stolen. It will not make customers feel uncomfortable and cannot be installed in a fitting room like a monitoring system, but it will also act as a deterrent and make thieves afraid to come in.For more details, please read What is the EAS system and how it works

What are the types of electronic commodity monitoring systems in China?

There are four leading technologies in the EAS system, namely radio frequency, electromagnetic, acoustic magnetic, and radio frequency identification. Because electromagnetic and radio frequency products are cheap, and their labels are usually permanently affixed to goods or product packaging, microwave and acoustic magnetic tags are more expensive, and most supermarkets choose electromagnetic and radiofrequency. 

Electronic article surveillance FAQ

Where is the anti-theft system suitable?

Supermarket, clothing store, telephone store, bookstore or library, retail store, etc.

I don't know how many antennas need to be installed in my store?

You only need to provide the anti-theft product attributes and CAD drawings of the store, and our designer will design the installation quantity according to the situation of your store.

Is the false positive rate high?

Adopting advanced global technology, there are almost no false positives in general.

Suggestions for purchasing China Electronic article surveillance

There are many manufacturers and suppliers of electronic commodity monitoring systems in China. For foreign buyers, it is essential to choose excellent Electronic article surveillance. Only by selecting a unique eas system can you protect your goods and reduce economic losses. So, how can we choose the eas system?

About the selection of electronic commodity monitoring systems, there are the following:

First, the accuracy of the eas system should be very high, and the quality of the machine must be guaranteed so that the anti-theft system can work usually.

Second, the choice of type, the principle of different types of eas system is different; customers should choose the method according to their needs.

Third, choose manufacturers with experience and long-term stability and quality services. EAS system is a project with relatively high service requirements. The equipment can't work. Usually, you can find the manufacturer to communicate and solve the problem.

China Electronic article surveillance manufacturer

njbohang is a Chinese manufacturer of electronic commodity monitoring system brands. With experience and technology, njbohang provides a complete retail anti-theft system solution.

Our customers include international brands such as Adidas, FILA, New Balance and other well-known brands

Provide various types of anti-theft systems, accessories, surveillance systems, etc.

Customized anti-theft solutions can be customized for you.

Assured quality and full production standards.


The above is information about China's electronic commodity monitoring system.

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