EAS pedestal

The EAS safety door (Also called eas pedestals) is an indispensable part of the eas system. As the best EAS pedestals system manufacturer in China, we can provide various types of EAS pedestals. Our anti-theft equipment products can help you reduce losses due to theft.

Our EAS safety door has many styles for you to choose, if you have other needs, you can also contact us. Our solution will definitely satisfy you.

Choose the EAS pedestals that suits you

There are three types of EAS pedestals we provide, and all three types have their own advantages.

AM pedestals

Acoustomagnetic (AM) bases are usually more expensive than other bases. But the false alarm rate of the acoustic magnetic base is the lowest, it is the most reliable system.

FR pedestals

The radio frequency (FR) base is the most common eas system. FR docks are used by 60% of stores worldwide. It has a low price and good performance and can be used with various eas tags.

EM pedestals

The big advantage of the electromagnetic (EM) base is that it's EM magnetic strip can repeatedly activate the label, which is not available in other systems. Very suitable for use in the library.

Our EAS pedestals show

AM pedestals

BH9686 AM Acrylic pedestals

BH9677 AM ABS pedestals

BH9678 AM ABS pedestals


RF pedestals

BH9383 RF Aluminum pedestals

BH9333 RF ABS pedestals

BH9288 RF Acrylic pedestals


EM pedestals

BH8088 EM pedestals

BH8068 EM pedestals

BH8098 EM pedestals


Installation and after sales service

We have a professional team of engineers who can provide any technical consultation on EAS. For dealer customers, our engineers can provide on-site training services.




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