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Electronic Product Surveillance (EAS) is an anti-theft method that prevents thieves from stealing goods from retail stores and reduces your losses. According to surveys, billions of dollars are lost each year worldwide due to theft. You may need an EAS system manufacturer to provide security for your products.

Electronic commodity surveillance (eas) system

An electronic commodity surveillance (eas) system is usually a system consisting of the following components:

Detection Systems,

Hard or soft tags,

Deactivator or separator.

The staff fixed the EAS security label on the product. When customers buy these products and pay for them, staff will remove or deactivate these tags. If someone does not remove the security label, pass the detection system at the time. The detection system will issue an alert to remind workers.

Benefits of choosing an EAS system

1. Prevent theft. The EAS system changes the previous "person-to-person" and "person-viewing" methods. It uses high-tech means to give products a self-defense ability, implements security measures on each product, and completely and effectively solves the problem of product theft. The survey shows that the theft rate of merchants with EAS systems is 60% -70% lower than that of merchants without EAS systems.

2. Simplify management. The EAS system can effectively curb the "theft" phenomenon, alleviate the conflicts between employees and managers, eliminate employees' psychological barriers, and enable employees to devote themselves to work, thereby improving work efficiency.

3. Improve the shopping atmosphere. In the past, the "people-to-people" approach was offensive to many consumers, and merchants may be left out of business. The EAS system can create a good and relaxed shopping environment for consumers, allowing them to purchase goods freely and freely, greatly improving the relationship between merchants and consumers, and winning more customers for merchants. Eventually increased sales and profits.

4. Deterrent effect. The EAS system prevents customers from “hand-in-hand” behavior in a tough and polite manner, avoids disputes caused by human factors, and protects the interests of businesses while respecting human rights. For the thieves, the EAS system psychologically caused a huge deterrence to them, making "the difference between one thought" and the other the same.

5. Beautify the environment. The EAS system itself is a high-tech product. Its beautiful appearance and sophisticated manufacturing technology can be integrated with modern and magnificent decoration to achieve the "icing on the cake" effect, while protecting the goods and beautifying the shopping mall environment It is a high-end shopping mall, a large and medium-sized supermarket. It is an iconic device that displays economic strength and technological content. It is an inevitable trend for the development of modern shopping malls.

Well-known EAS system manufacturer

Checkpoint Systems

Tyco Retail Solutions

Nedap, Hangzhou Century Co Ltd

Gunnebo Gateway

Sentry Technology


All Tag

Universal Surveillance Systems

Bohang Anti Theft System

These EAS system manufacturers supply the best electronic merchandise surveillance (eas) system products and services to stores worldwide every year.

China EAS system manufacturer

Nanjing Bohang Electronics Co., Ltd. is an excellent EAS system manufacturer in China, including EAS anti-theft and EAS antenna systems, anti-theft tags and labels, security display equipment and monitoring systems. Bohang provides professional solutions for supermarket anti-theft, library anti-theft, clothing store anti-theft, mobile phone anti-theft, etc. At the same time, we can provide OEM and ODM according to customer requirements.

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