Do you know how to choose anti-theft hard tags?

Overview of hard tags
In the EAS system, the hard tag is an indispensable accessory. EAS hard tags are generally divided into AM hard tags and RF hard tags.With the diversification of the market, the customer's demand for the tag has also undergone continuous changes, so the manufacturers have also produced various types according to the different needs of the customer. So the quality of the tags on the market is really jagged now. Here are a few main factors to teach you how to distinguish whether a tag is good quality or bad quality.Several main factors determine the quality of the hard tag: 1. The quality of the tag shell. 2. The quality of the tag internal coil. 3. The deviation of the tag frequency. 4. The quality of the tag cylinder.
1.The quality of the tag shell
The main shell of the hard tag is divided into two materials, one is brand new ABS plastic, the other is recycled ABS plastic.The advantages and disadvantages of these two materials can be summarized as the following aspects.
The hard tag made of brand-new ABS engineering plastic has soft appearance and good touch feeling with no obvious impurities on the surface.
The hard tag made of recycled ABS plastic or modified stupid, the brightness  is uneven, the touch feeling is relatively poor, and the surface often has obvious impurities.
b.Service life
The high-quality new ABS engineering plastic is strong in anti-aging, which has high strength, and it is not easy to be damaged,it can generally be used for more than 10 years in general environment.
However, the recycled ABS engineering plastics have poor anti-aging ability, it is fragile and easily damaged. It can only be used for 6 months-3 years  in normal environment .
c.How to identify which material is used for the tag?
1.Rolled with a hammer, generally good materials will be damaged after 3 to 5 times, and it is partially damaged, which is not easy to dismantle; recycled materials and poor materials will be broken after 1-2 times, and it is easy to break into pieces.
2.With a bite, the new ABS material will have dental marks and is not easy to break; recycled materials and poor materials are easy to break.
3.With a longer pin-top lock position, ABS new material is not easy to top, even under a strong force, only one needle comes out; recycled materials are easy to penetrate, and there will be explosive cracks at the top.

2. The quality of the tag internal coil
The coil of the positive quality and anti-theft hard tag is wound with pure copper wire, the general radio frequency uses plastic wire, and the magnetoacoustic wire uses enameled wire. The magnetoacoustic magnet bar also uses high quality. The coil has good electrical performance, high Q value.The rear wire core is copper color for light reflection after cut.
Anti-theft hard tags with poor quality are generally made of copper-clad aluminum coils, which have poor electrical performance and low Q value. After cutting, the core of the wire reflects the copper color of the outer ring and the center is white.How to check the quality of the coil?Check if the tag is easily damaged when vibrating, you can throw the tag strongly on the ground and bounce more than 2 meters, then check whether the tag can alarm again,If the tag can continue to alarm, the coil quality is good, if the tag cannot alarm, the coil quality is poor.

The internal composition of the hard tag
3. The deviation of the tag frequency

The frequency deviation of good quality anti-theft hard tags is small, generally around ±1.5%. Tags with poor quality have large frequency deviations and will exceed this range.The result is that a high-quality tag has a higher detection rate while a low-quality tag has a lower detection rate.We can use the tag detector to detect the frequency of the tag.

4.The quality of the tag cylinder
The high-quality lock core generally uses a three-core lock cylinder structure, which is composed of a steel bowl and a spring with reasonable hardness and design. It generally needs to pass the rust prevention test, tensile test, spring strength test, etc. When the tensile test, the tensile strength ≥48KG.A poor quality lock core may fail more than one test, and the tensile test may be less than 30KG.Without passing the anti-rust test, the product may be stained with rust. If the strength of the spring is not enough, the ordinary magnet can also be opened. When the pulling force is less than 30KG, the adult can easily pull out the nail.
How to check the quality of the lock cylinder?No more than 8 hours of rust-free water flows in the physiological saline, the ordinary magnet cannot be turned on normally, and the tensile tester tests the pull force of more than 48KG. Hold the product so that it can be pulled out with maximum force, if it is not high quality.
Of course, every customer has their own choice, and some customers like to use tags with good quality and long service life. However, some customers prefer to use disposabletags because they may throw away the tags after one use, which is the choice of many textile companies.We can customize different tags according to the specific needs of customers, and different quality corresponds to different prices.
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