Different safety display series

Smartphone security and anti-theft holder
Smart phone security anti-theft system is the most common category in all security display series. Because the application of mobile phones is the most widely used, the security and anti-theft of mobile phones is also the most widely used.
The security and anti-theft of smart phones are generally divided into two categories, one is a stand-alone mobile phone anti-theft device, and the other is a centralized anti-theft device.
The advantage of a stand-alone mobile phone anti-theft device is that one anti-theft device is only a mobile phone anti-theft, which is beautiful and has a higher safety factor.
Multi-port controller host anti-theft

The multi-port controller host anti-theft device can be divided into the following types: 2-port host and 4-port host, 6-port host and 8-port host and 10-port host.

Stand-alone mobile phone security anti-theft device

Stand-alone mobile phone security anti-theft device means that one anti-theft device can only protect one mobile phone from theft.

Tablet security and anti-theft stand
The principles of tablet security and mobile phone security are similar.It's just that the size of the tablet holder is larger than the size of the mobile phone. It's just that the size of the tablet holder is larger than the size of the mobile phone.
Camera security anti-theft device
Nowadays, the use of smart phones is more and more widespread, and the pixels of smart phones are becoming more and more powerful, so now fewer and fewer people use cameras, but cameras are still an indispensable part of electronic products, and for professional For photographers, the shooting function of mobile phones is definitely far from meeting their requirements for photography, so cameras are still an indispensable category of electronic products.
So what do you need to know about camera security and theft? Let me introduce it.
Digital camera security anti-theft bracket

This type of digital camera security anti-theft bracket is provided for cameras without a camera. Because there is no need to place the lens, only a bracket is needed to place the camera.

When the contact wire on the camera is picked up or the camera is picked up on the stand, the stand will cause an alarm.

Security and anti-theft display of SLR cameras with lenses

The security and anti-theft display of a SLR camera with a lens requires an additional bracket to place the lens. The rest of the principle is the same as that of the anti-theft without a lens, except that a lens holder is added.

Smart bracelet security and smart watch security and anti-theft
The anti-theft of smart watches and smart bracelets belong to the same series. At present, the use of bracelets is more and more widespread.Therefore, the anti-theft of the bracelet is also being used more and more.
However, many anti-theft frames of watches and bracelets do not have a charging function, and can only serve as a fixation and support.But sometimes we still have to provide charging function in order to meet the needs of customers.The following focuses on this security anti-theft device that can charge Apple smart watches with anti-theft function.
Apple Watch Security Anti-theft Device

Apple watch security anti-theft device with charging function.It can not only protect the Apple Watch, but also charge the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch security and anti-theft installation instructions
Laptop safety protection equipment
Laptop anti-theft can generally be divided into rechargeable anti-theft and physical anti-theft. Rechargeable anti-theft can be divided into independent security anti-theft device and multi-port laptop security anti-theft device.
Stand-alone laptop security anti-theft device
Laptop security anti-theft device with multi-port host

So what does the physical anti-theft of a laptop mean? It does not need to be connected to a power source, and only a bracket is needed to place the laptop.Use a lock-like clip to lock the laptop.
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Physical anti-theft clip for laptop

This laptop security anti-theft clip has a lock on it to fix the laptop, and there is an extension cord that can be fixed on the table.

Shaver security and anti-theft display
Shaver safety anti-theft display stand

The razor safety display device, the focus is on the rack where the razor is placed.

In addition, it is necessary to connect a contact wire to the shaver, and then if the contact wire is taken away, it will cause an alarm. This is the most primitive security and anti-theft principle.

The introduction about the security and anti-theft display is basically that.
Of course, there are some safety display series of other products, I will not list them here. If you have any need for safe display and anti-theft, please consult me directly.
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