Counting RFID nine strange applications


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. The tag contains information stored electronically. Passive tags collect energy from interrogating radio waves from nearby RFID readers. Active tags have a local power source (such as a battery) and can run hundreds of meters from an RFID reader. Unlike barcodes, labels do not need to be within the line of sight of the reader, so they can be embedded in the object being tracked. RFID is a method of automatic identification and data capture (AIDC).

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This article summarizes some of the more eccentric applications of RFID, and it is also very practical. The following is a list of special applications for rfid.

Identify identity

The RFID tag invented by Veri Chip can be used to identify identity information. It can be used in a variety of environments, including financial and transportation security, residential and commercial building access, and military and government security.

For example, RFID tags can identify the deceased in a traffic accident and can also help the coroner reassemble the body of the deceased. It sounds a bit perverted, but in some specific cases, we still hope that the deceased can get peace.

Smart cooking

Insert the RFID chip into the handle of the automatic pan or pot, and enter the corresponding program into the chip. The food can be automatically heated according to different foods. Ask housewives to reduce unnecessary troubles. I believe many mothers will love this kind of gift.

Sports time system

RFID chips are often used in major sporting events around the world to serve as an accurate timekeeper.
Such as the Boston Marathon and the Iron Man Championship. Embed the chip in the athlete's shoes or other equipment such as bicycles. When you start from the starting point, when the athletes cross the mat, the time is over and the timing is very accurate. More accurate help with sports record scores. Protect fairness.

Looking for lost golf balls

Golf has always been regarded as a sport for the rich. Many balls on the court will be played far away, which is not conducive to getting back.
Now you only need to install a tiny RFID chip inside each ball. Only one RFID reader is needed to quickly locate the approximate orientation of each ball. This not only reduces losses, but also improves work efficiency.

Electronic passport

For many people, this may be the most horrible application of RFID tags. The US government has approved the use of electronic chips in passports. The government has repeatedly emphasized that its purpose is to improve the efficiency of communication between law enforcement agencies, many People still believe that there is a more insidious conspiracy.

Nightclub identification

The Baja Beach Club in Barcelona embeds RFID chips into the hands of some old customers, allowing them to easily and quickly access some VIP areas. Here, the RFID chip can not only identify you, but also use it as a debit card.

Casino monitoring

Embedding RFID chips in chips can not only track gamblers and their gambling habits, but also prevent chips from being faked and stolen. Now this technology has been applied in some big casinos around the world.

Tracking bees

The scarcity of American bees has adversely affected other industries that rely on bees to spread pollen, which has led to the frequent theft of beehives. This situation can even cause the beekeeper to go bankrupt, because a beehive is worth hundreds of dollars, so these beekeepers now use RFID to track the beehive.

Smart flush toilet

The intelligent toilet H2Orb system monitors, detects and prevents spills and leaks in the toilet. When these two conditions occur, H2Orb will automatically shut down.
The system uses two wireless sensors that are placed on the edges of the toilet and tank. The sensor installed in the toilet detects the overflow of the water flow, and the two sensors of the water tank are installed at the water mark on the back of the water tank. When a problem occurs, the sensor will automatically send a signal to the H2Orb system to inform the system to stop flushing; and trigger an alarm and light an alarm.


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