Comparison and selection of eas antennas

The comparison of eas antenna and how to choose EAS antenna[Bohang] EAS is the abbreviation of Electronic Article Surveillance, also known as electronic product anti-theft system, which is one of the commodity security measures widely used in large retail industries. The EAS system is mainly composed of a sensor , a decoder (Deactivator) and an electronic label (Electronic Label and Tag).

Do you know how to choose an EAS antenna?

Maybe you have a small store, you will always hear the anti-theft device tweeting itself, when no customers pass through the door. Maybe your store is very high-end and it is a luxury store. You don't want to affect the aesthetics of the entire store because of the anti-theft device ... 

You may have many questions, but don't know where to find the answer. Below I will do my best to help you answer these questions according to my ability.

Maybe you have a big shopping mall with many doorways, but the anti-theft device you choose can't cover the whole shopping mall, resulting in security loopholes in many places. 

Maybe you have a small store, you will always hear the anti-theft device tweeting itself, when no customers pass through the door. Maybe your store is very high-end and it is a luxury store. You don't want to affect the aesthetics of the entire store because of the anti-theft device ... 

You may have many questions, but don't know where to find the answer. Below I will do my best to help you answer these questions according to my ability.

How To Choose An Eas Antenna For A Clothing Store

The products in clothing stores are relatively single, mainly clothing, so it is easier to prevent theft, mainly use hard tags. But the area is generally large. 

Some clothing stores have more than one floor and more than one entrance. This requires the number of anti-theft devices to be selected based on the area of​​ the clothing store, the number of entrances and exits, and the spacing of the doorways.

In addition, there are many types of clothing store doors, including glass doors and metal doors. Different doors also need different eas solutions.

It is best to provide a CAD drawing of a clothing store. Our engineers can develop a detailed eas solution for you based on CAD drawings.

How To Choose An Eas Antenna For A Luxury Store


Luxury means high-end, high-grade, will pay attention to every detail, and will especially care about the customer's experience, so the store may not want any traces of security doors.

Therefore, an underground system is needed to achieve this requirement. With the buried system, you will not see any traces of the anti-theft device. This concealed anti-theft system can be placed underground or on the ceiling.

Do you know if this shop is equipped with anti-theft devices? The answer is yes, but we can't see it at all.

How To Choose Eas Antenna For Supermarket

Compared to clothing stores and luxury stores, supermarkets are more complicated, because there are many types and quantities of goods in supermarkets.So the supermarket alarm system should also be considered a bit more complicated.

Anti-theft labels do not need to be placed in places where staff members care about vegetables and fruits, and special anti-theft labels are required to affix products to unattended towels and bagged snacks.

For the alarm system at the door, different solutions are also needed.Should the EAS antenna be placed next to the cash register or the main exit?

Both options have advantages and disadvantages. If it is placed next to the cash register, you need to put at least one EAS antenna at each cash register exit. Its advantage is that it can protect the goods from being lost as much as possible, because it protects every outlet. 

If it is placed at the main exit, the number of antennas required is relatively small, but there may be some degree of leakage, because customers may tear out the anti-theft labels before before going out or going out at other exits.

Should I choose RF or AM system?

Let me give you some comparisons





working frequency

Center frequency:58K/60K

Center frequency:8.2MHz/10MHz

Frequency category

Acoustic (close to sonic)

Radio frequency radio (high frequency)

Normal detection rate

above 95%

above 95%

False alarm rate



False rate

Very few


Label size

Small, long&square,&round

Larger, generally square& round.

Detection of spacing

(Between two antenna )

Soft label:1.0m—1.5m

Hard tag:1.6m—3.4m

Soft label:0.9m—1.2m

Hard tag:1.3m—2.2m

Resistance to metal properties

(Soft label)

better(performance has been reduced,about 65% alarm rate)

Poor(hardly alarming)

Conventional interference sources


Monitors&spotlights,&ballasts&large-scale electrical equipment and so on


Spotlights&ballasts&large-scale electrical equipment&battery car charger& bundles of cables and so on

Power requirements

Must have a good grounded dedicated power supply

Bo hang new technology no need grounding

Need dedicated power, can no grounding


Better, the difference between the larger brands

Less than AM, the difference between the larger brands

Software control

CPU (DSP) software technology

CPU (DSP) or single chip software technology

Development history

Nearly 20 years of development

 Began in 1965


Depending on the brand

Depending on the brand

After-sales service

Depending on the brand, the general need to computer debugging

Bo card without computer debugging

Depending on the brand, the maintenance technology is relatively simple

Market price

Higher (about 0.5-2 ten thousand/ two sets)

Lower (3-9 thousand / two sets)





Market share (China)

About 40%, (in recent years as the product matures, the price decline in the share of the rise by the rise)

About 50%

Major client

Due to relatively high prices, mainly large and medium-sized brand enterprises to use more.

Cost-related, widely used in the retail industry.

Manufacturer and brand

In the domestic sales or production of less than 10 manufacturers, the size of the enterprise less

Domestic sales or production of not less than 50 manufacturers, but the size of the enterprise less

Comprehensive description:

As can be seen from the above table, the main difference between the AM system and RF system is the difference in frequency, resulting in radio wave penetration (the ability to bypass the obstacle). 

Because the frequency of AM is low, penetrating strong, the sensitivity of the metal is low, has a certain protective effect to some metal products; Due to high frequency of RF system, poor penetration, it is almost impossible to use with metal products, such as chocolate, chewing gum and so on.

In addition, due to the transmission power of AM system is higher , the label is relatively small, can be done more shapes, label orientation is less sensitive (high alarm rate); Due to the transmission power of RF system is lower ,the label is relatively large, label direction is more sensitive (alarm rate becomes low). Stability compared, the RF frequency is higher, is more susceptible by external interference.

How to install EAS antenna?

The site needs to be cleaned before installation, and the floor tiles need to be removed for wiring underground.And need to investigate whether there are relatively large switching power supplies and other large electronic equipment nearby, because these will affect the normal operation of EAS. Of course, the equipment that needs the computer and the host to debug must also prepare the computer and the cable connecting the host in advance.

Bohang's EAS products require only a screwdriver to complete the installation,no computer debugging or host installation is required.Simple installation is our biggest feature.

In summary, installing and selecting an EAS antenna requires choosing a professional and experienced manufacturer,because this will give you the most professional answers and guidance.

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