Application of EAS system in supermarket anti-theft

What is EAS system?
EAS is the abbreviation of Electronic Article Surveillance, also known as the electronic product anti-theft  system, which is currently one of the commodity security measures widely adopted in the large retail industry. The EAS system is mainly composed of three parts: the detector (Sensor), the decoder (Deactivator) and the electronic label (eas Label and Tag).
What aspects does the supermarket anti-theft system include?
Supermarket anti-theft systems generally include surveillance security and commodity anti-theft systems.They are two different systems. 
Today we are focusing on the commodity security anti-theft system, namely the EAS system.
EAS systems used in supermarket anti-theft systems mainly include AM systems and RF systems.
EAS AM System

The full name of the AM system is Acoustic Magnetic, which is a resonance phenomenon generated by the principle of tuning forks. When the frequency of the transmitted signal (alternating magnetic field) is consistent with the oscillation frequency of the acousto-magnetic tag, the acousto-magnetic tag will cause resonance similar to the tuning fork and generate a resonance signal ( Alternating magnetic field); When the receiver detects 4-8 consecutive (adjustable) resonance signals (once every 1/50 second), the receiving system will issue an alarm. The characteristics of the acoustic and magnetic system are high anti-theft detection rate, almost zero false alarms, not shielded by metal tin foil, good anti-interference, and wide protection.

The AM system is mainly composed of a hard tag/soft label and detacher/decoder and EAS antenna.

EAS RF System

The full name of RF is Radio Frequency, which means the electromagnetic frequency that can radiate into space, and the frequency ranges from 300kHz to 300GHz. Radio frequency is radio frequency current, referred to as RF, which is an abbreviation of high-frequency alternating electromagnetic waves. The alternating current that changes less than 1,000 times per second is called low-frequency current, and the one that changes more than 10,000 times is called high-frequency current. Radio frequency is such a high-frequency current. Radio frequency (300K-300G) is a higher frequency band of high frequency (greater than 10K), and microwave frequency band (300M-300G) is a higher frequency band of radio frequency.

The AM system is mainly composed of a hard tag/soft label and detacher/decoder and EAS antenna.

As we mentioned above, the components of AM system and RF system are the same, so what is the difference between AM system and RF system?
1.AM system and RF system have different frequencies

The frequency of the AM system is 58KHz, and the frequency of the RF system is 8.2MHz.

2.The working principle of AM system and RF system are different

The AM system uses the resonance phenomenon generated by the tuning fork principle.

The RF system transmits a certain frequency radio frequency signal through the transmitting antenna

3.Different types of AM tags and RF tags

Generally, AM tags are long strips. The RF tags are all square. This is because the different working principles lead to the different shapes of the tags. Of course, there are also square AM tags and long strip RF tags, but they are all unconventional.

EAS AM Pencil hard tag

AM hard tags need to put a long strip of magnetic rod inside, so the shape of the tag is generally a long strip.

RF Square hard tag

The square coil is placed inside the RF hard tag, so the tag is generally this kind of square.

EAS AM soft sticker

EAS RF soft label
Both AM system and RF system are used in supermarket anti-theft systems. It mainly depends on how many exits a specific store has and how wide the exit is.
If you have any questions, feel free to consult me directly.
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