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How to select and purchase the supermarket and the anti-theft device

Writer:Allen YinDate:2018-01-17 16:20
How to select and purchase the supermarket and the anti-theft device
With the continuous development of market economy, supermarkets, clothing, bags and other retail industry is also growing, commodity security market rise, many businesses of commodities in the anti-theft times also gradually have consciousness, but in the face of the brand manufacturers and a superb collection of beautiful things, we can not help thinking about what to buy anti-theft devices, which products and services would be better? Supermarket anti-theft device and clothing anti-theft device has also been selling very hot in recent years. There are many brand manufacturers. In the face of such a market, how should we effectively choose the burglar alarm needed? Not only to achieve the value of things, but also to meet the demand in the service of the product.
The effective selection of clothing, bag shop, supermarket anti-theft device, do the following several aspects can probably know how to choose.
Search the Internet for information related to anti-theft devices and practical dry goods.
Collecting information related to merchandise theft devices on multiple platforms through network is first of all, product information and pre-sale and after-sales service of sellers in nearby urban anti-theft devices. This is very important. Many different brands and different types of supermarkets, clothing anti-theft devices, they know the price and the difference, let the seller know they also know some quotes, if not understand must call the seller, they know the advantages and disadvantages of goods more than three.
Another point is that the merchant service, because the installation and maintenance of supermarkets, clothing anti-theft device must have professional staff to handle, store and use of high frequency, use for a long time will be impaired, this time the need to repair, so be sure to buy clothing anti-theft customer service maintenance service, or their maintenance the cost will be very high.After many comparisons, the best choice is made.
Obtain purchase experience information by asking a business friend.
Do business will certainly have some friends, if you do not want to search from the network, then you can from reliable friends to ask, they will tell you some experience, recommend some more reliable anti-theft device for businesses, and get the credibility of information will be relatively high, but not the whole letter, because it applies to others does not necessarily apply to themselves, so have to carefully consider all the more choices for their own store anti-theft device, but must pay most attention to the price of the product and service.
If you choose friends to recommend, you can buy it through friends, so the price will also have a certain discount.
Visit the big supermarkets and clothing stores.
You can go to various stores, clothing stores, bags and other stores to inquire and investigate, and find out what kind of feeling a store's burglar alarm placed at the door of a clothing store, and actually see some craft qualities in appearance. If you are a friend's shop can ask the anti-theft experience, price, service and other information, if it is not know the store, try to ask some small shopkeepers, first condom, and the boss talk, can talk about their own shop, ask the alarm and then go with the flow of the sensitivity, false alarm rate and anti interference ability, if not ask you can see the supermarket anti-theft device brands and models, their online check information, then the goods more than three.
Go directly to a burglar burglar business entity store or factory to check and inspect.
When we try the above three methods was not found suitable for supermarkets, clothing alarm, it can only go to the store or factory check to see for themselves, now go to the shop, then came to ask all the details of the problem, must look at the material is good, see sensitivity the high false alarm rate is not high, to see how strong anti-interference ability is not strong, you have to have a certain understanding of anti-theft device, anti-theft device may require the seller break alarm, look inside, you may also cannot read, but at least they're particularly in which know, why the value of the price. If you think the price of the product is good, the service before and after sale is very satisfactory, and there is no problem to choose to sign the contract.
To achieve the above four points should be able to buy a suitable for their own supermarket, clothing anti-theft device.

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