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To help you save money | understand EAS EAS the most basic knowledge, don't let the manufacturers think you are white

Writer:Allen YinDate:2017-12-27 16:25
To help you save money | understand EAS EAS the most basic knowledge
A lot of people in the purchase of goods anti-theft device is completely unaware of it, the name of the understanding of it is the supermarket anti-theft anti-theft device such as clothing, popular, anti-theft businesses will use your mouse to this point deliberately inflated prices may buy anti-theft alarm so the quality is good, but the price is not high. 
So today, we teach you some of the most basic professional name and knowledge of merchandise theft. When you know the professional terms and business communication, do you feel like you are tall? There will be a little more initiative.
EAS, also known as electronic commodity theft theft (theft) system, is one of the commodity security measures widely used in the large retail industry at present. At the beginning, we should use the EAS anti-theft device as a professional noun to communicate with the merchant. The EAS system is mainly composed of three parts: detector, decoder and electronic label.
Today I will talk about the most important and most expensive detector in it!!!
EAS detector
EAS detector, also commonly known as clothing, supermarket anti-theft antenna, looking at the principle is not complex, content professional! But you don't need to understand its principles and expertise, because it's not clear to you at one thirty. First, commodity anti-theft system is mainly divided into three kinds: acoustic magnetic anti-theft system, radio frequency anti-theft system, electromagnetic wave anti-theft system. The front two kinds are widely used, and are suitable for most retail stores. The following are the easy to understand to introduce them ~ ~ ~
Stargate xl
The resonance phenomenon of acoustic magnetic anti-theft device using tuning fork principle the anti-theft alarm, a detector can work independently, also can be two to three only one of a combination of work, high detection rate, anti-theft feature is almost zero false, is not affected by the metal foil shielding, good anti-interference and protection of export wide. It is also the most common use of supermarkets, clothing anti-theft devices, the general retail merchants will also prefer to install acoustic and magnetic anti-theft system.
Radio frequency anti-theft system
The RF anti-theft electronic anti-theft system is one of the earlier application, so the technology is sound magnetic anti-theft device is a bit behind, it uses radio frequency transmitting and receiving system as the principle of signal detection, detector generally consists of two parts of the transmitter and receiver components, the biggest advantage of RF system is a system with lower cost, anti-theft detection rate high, but no interference of acoustic magnetic system, will be affected by metallic objects, protection of the exit width than the acoustic magnetic anti-theft device less, so the price lower than acoustomagnetic.
These two kinds of anti-theft devices can protect most of the goods in the shopping mall, are widely used to protect department stores, clothing stores, supermarket anti-theft, and so on. It depends on the specific circumstances of the store, not to say which one to use, but also to ask the merchant of the burglar alarm when they want to use it. After all, they are still professional.
If you want to know the performance cost of a acoustic magnetic anti-theft device, you first need to ask him the difference between his products, what are the advantages of other products and what's the after-sale service of the anti-theft device. After listening, you may not understand, but you have to listen to his tone to judge whether he is professional.
There is a special cheap do not buy, it is really a waste of money, because you can come back before long will be broken, and will not give you repair, it is a price one point goods, of course, if you have money, that money is not care about it, buy the best sensormatic.
Of course, we can also look at the burglarproof device of Bo airlines. We will provide the most professional products and services.

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