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How to choose the burglar buckle? How to choose an anti-theft hard label?

Writer:Allen YinDate:2017-12-20 16:33

How to choose the burglar buckle? How to choose an anti-theft hard label?

It is installed on clothing, bags, daily necessities and other commodities. It is used for anti-theft purposes. The electronic label is called the anti-theft hard label, the other name is: anti-theft button, magnetic button, anti-theft hard button, clothing anti-theft button and so on. Many businesses are often very entangled when they first buy anti-theft labels, because they have the same burglar tags why the price is completely different!!! Where are they different? How to choose the burglar buckle again? Today, for you to introduce, judge clothing anti theft buckles are good or bad to see the following points:
Genuine security quality buckle with a new ABS engineering plastics, the naked eye appearance soft brightness, good sense of touch by hand, no obvious impurity on the surface; the quality of the anti-theft deduction is the recovery of ABS plastic or stupid, recovery ABS the appearance of uneven brightness, relatively poor sense of touch by hand, there are often obvious the surface modification of new material impurities, stupid appearance is difficult to determine, but stupid brittle, easily broken.
New ABS engineering plastics excellent anti-aging ability, moderate strength, not easy to be damaged, the conventional environment generally can be used for more than 10 years; the recovery of ABS engineering plastic natural aging force is poor, fragile, easily damaged, stupid material is brittle, the conventional environment generally only 6 months - 3 years.
Destructive testing methods:
A, with a hammer mill, 3 - 5 more than one general will be damaged, and local damage, not easily removed; recycling materials and materials with poor 1-2 is broken, and easily broken into pieces.
B, tooth bites, ABS new material will have teeth marks, not easy to break; recycled materials and poor materials are easy to break.
C, with the location of longer needle top lock, ABS new material is not easy to wear. Even when it is energetically energetically worn, it only comes out of a needle. The recycled material is easy to wear, and there will be an explosive crack at the top.
Authentic quality anti-theft deduction coil using the pure copper wire, plastic wire, general RF magnetic sound using enameled wire, magnet magnetic sound is also used for the high quality, good electrical performance of the coil, high Q value, cut after the core of light reflex is the general quality use of copper copper; the package of aluminum coil production, electrical performance is poor, low Q value, cut after the core of light reflex is the outer ring of copper, white center.
The alarm rate of high quality anti-theft buckle is high, the damage rate in the process of labeling is very low, the quality alarm rate is low, the aluminum is brittle, and the damage rate is high.
If the vibration is easy to be damaged, RFID can be powerful to throw back more than 2 meters on the ground, again detection label can alarm (more than 50, the general quality is not damaged); the same detector spacing is larger for high quality detection. The BH9277 radiofrequency detector can be detected and the BH9677B acoustic magnetic detector is detected.
3、Frequency deviation
The good quality of the anti-theft button frequency deviation is smaller, usually 1.5%, the quality is beyond this range.
The quality of the anti-theft buckle may not be able to alarm normally because of the detection range beyond the detector.
Detection tools:
BH9818 acoustic magnetic label detector and BH9808 radio frequency label detector.
4、Lock core
Quality of the lock core usually use three core lock cylinder structure, composition and hardness with a more reasonable design of steel bowl and spring, generally through rust test, tensile test, spring strength test, tensile test, tensile strength is more than 48KG; when the lock core quality may be more than one test can not pass the tensile test, may be less than 30KG, the general adult male can break it.
Without rust test may cause the goods with rust, the spring strength is not enough ordinary magnets can be opened, the tension is less than 30KG, while all adult men can easily pull out a nail.


Global saline for more than 8 hours without rust water, ordinary magnet can not be opened, the tension tester is more than 48KG (strength larger man can pull the nail in the hosiery theft deduction of heavier, a hand-held security buckle, holding a commodity, the maximum force is pulled out, such as pull out good quality).

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