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A brief introduction to the lanyard

Writer:NaNa WangDate:2017-12-12 14:04

We usually installed anti-theft equipment(EAS system) in the supermarket and clothing store in order to alarm and anti-theft,correspondingly, they need to use anti-theft consumables.What we used more is hard tags,there are so many kinds of the hard tags and the structure of inside ferrite is different,it can meet all different kinds commodity.

There is one kind hard tags which is called lanyard in the anti-theft consumable and we often see less in our lives,but when we used hards which matched with lanyard,it is so flexible.A lot of luggage, clothing, supermarket goods can not be directly use hard tags,we can use lanyard to replace pin,it is flexible and convenient for us.

How to use lanyard?Is it difficult for us?No, it is so simple to operate for us.Usage principle and usage method are same to the pin,you just need to put the hard tags on the detacher,the lanyard will automatically fall off.Moreover,the lanyard is easy to storage.

The length of the lanyard is usually between 15-20cm, which can be applied to most commodities, and the lanyard of some individual products can also be customized.Nanjing Bohang Electronics will customize the lanyard(consumables) according to your needs, we can ship out goods from our factory,so we also can ensure the quality.

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